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The beach

Port at night

The beach at night

Tim --

If you’ve been following our blog, then you know that I love the beach. Piriapolis is a beach resort east of Montevideo on the coast. After all the wind, rain, and cold of the Altiplano in Bolivia and the entire Patagonia region, we were glad to head towards the equator for some fun in the sun.

Now, there’s one habit that’s going to stick with me once I return to the United States: I will never again trust a weather forecast on weather.com! When we were in Ushuaia, the weather for Piriapolis was supposed to be high 80s and sunny, but when we were in Montevideo, the forecast changed considerably: wind, rain, and cold.

Ravi and I were disappointed, but undeterred. We woke up to a slightly brisk day, but there weren’t any clouds in the sky. I guess wind, rain, and cold look different in Uruguay. We decided to chance it and head to the beach. I’m glad we did, because this was the perfect kind of sun for white people who want to tan. I put on a bit of lotion and baked to a delicious crispy brown, and I suppose the outline of my swimsuit in my body will be a reminder of what I’ll look like after Chicago’s winter. A few clouds rolled in some time afternoon, but really, we had a great time on the beach.

The next day, however, was not as inspiring. Like a big, bad wolf huffing and puffing on our last chance to take advantage of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the wind kicked up the sand, clouds blocked the sun, and the cold put a general damper on beach going. Every half hour or so, the sun would peek out, but honestly, the best part of the day was eating ice cream with Ravi, walking on piers at night, and wondering what kind of yacht I’ll get when I miraculously win the lottery without buying a ticket.

When we left for Buenos Aires, I left a bit sad: this was undoubtedly my last chance to get on a beach before summer in Chicago, and that’s a long way off yet! But, as always, I was in good company and on my way to see even more excitement in Buenos Aires. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it!

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