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Shofar blasts at beginning of Yom Terruah

Shirley and Frances on the Shofar

The Dogs are hoping the shofars will stop soon!

We made it down into Florida today headed towards Shirley's Dad's place in Inverness. As the sun set towards the horizon and it became 7:00 pm, we stopped at an exit along the freeway and blew the shofars for 15 minutes to bring in Yom Teruah-Rosh Hoshanah. It is interesting to note the incredible stock market drop today and how the timing is. It seems that judgement is taking place and that the purpose of this trip for us is becoming more evedent as we go along. I am including an article from Yedidah below for your consideration. It's a little long but explains things pretty well. Shalom and Chag Sameach!




As I came down the steps, descending to Ha Kotel, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, this morning, I heard male voices shouting loudly and singing. I heard the beating of tambourines and drums, and the blowing of shofars (ram’s horns). As I approached the Wall, I saw the men jumping and dancing. I saw men in long talits rejoicing with exuberance. It was wonderful! The women were on their side, also celebrating and praying, some peeking through or over the separation barrier to watch the men. It was the morning of Yom Teruah—The Feast of Trumpets—the fifth of Yahuweh’s seven Festivals celebrating the plan of the salvation of Messiah Yahushua.

Ha Kotel is the Western Wall built by Herod, from the time of the Temple of Herod. The wall went across the backside of the Temple area, but was not a part of the Temple itself. Today, you can go underneath the Wall, into the tunnels, and see the stones that were directly behind the Most Set-Apart Place, where the Ark was housed. This is the closest anyone can get to where the Ark of the Covenant sat—but I tell you, to lay your hands on those stones is awesome—the anointing presence of Yahuweh is still there! Today, just on the other side of Ha Kotel is the Temple Mount, given by Israel to the Vatican and overseen by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

I had a vision while at the Wall one Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), that two giant hands came and scrunched up the Wall like a dishcloth being wrung out, and the people of Yahuweh poured over onto the Mount with great joy. When Messiah comes from the Mt. of Olives, through the Eastern Gate, He will reclaim the Temple Mount for the children of Jacob (Israel). Oh how we long for that day!

Messiah will come on the Feast of Trumpets! Yom Teruah – the Feast of Trumpets - is the only Feast that begins on the first day of a Hebrew month—Tishre 1. His days begin at sunset. The months are determined by the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon, after one to two days of the dark of the moon. Before NASA’s charts, no man knew the day or the hour of the first sighting of the new moon—marking the beginning of the new month. Thus Messiah’s statement: “No man knows the day or the hour”. On Tishre 1, the new moon opens the Feast of Trumpets, as the Scriptures so clearly tell us. The Scriptures tell us that on this day, we are to shout for joy to Yahuweh; we are to blow the ram’s horn (shofar), sing and dance—for He comes to judge the earth in righteousness and to set up His Kingdom on a Yom Teruah in the future.

Yom Teruah is also called “Yom ha Din”—the Day of Judgment. In all the passages of the Word, Yahuweh comes with the wrath of the Father (Revelation 11:15-19; Revelation 19; Isaiah 63, Isaiah 34, and many, many other Scriptures).

This is the day that the heavens open, and Messiah descends, and the righteous

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are resurrected to eternal life. This is the time of the “last trump”—Revelation 11:15-19, II Corinthians 15:51-18, in which we shall be changed “in the

twinkling of an eye, at the last trump”. The last trump is the seventh trumpet of the trumpet judgments. At this trumpet, the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Master and of His Messiah, and He shall reign forever and ever! HalleluYah!

For Yom Teruah, Psalms 47 and 81 are read. But, also read from many Scriptures on the return of Messiah and the resurrection of the just.

This is the day that the heavens open and He descends, resurrecting His set-apart ones, going through the Eastern Gate, and assuming His throne on the Temple Mount—as Priest and King. This is the day that Lucifer/Satan is bound for 1,000 years, and the anti-messiah and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 19-20).

September 29, 2008, going into 2009 on the Creation calendar, we entered into the last seven years before Messiah comes! We entered Daniel’s 70th week. The seal judgments have been loosed, and now the trumpet judgments will begin. Ezekiel 38-39 will happen soon, and the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth will arise. (Revelation 13)

But, when it is all over—WE GET OUR MESSIAH YAHUSHUA! It is a day to rejoice!

Tonight, September 30th began the ten “days of awe”—the time of repentance and preparation for Yom Kippur—The Day of Atonement. On this day, the High Priest took the blood of a perfect lamb and sprinkled it on the mercy seat for the sins of the nation, and proclaimed the salvation of all of Israel. On this day, seven years from sunset, October 9th, Messiah Yahushua, our High Priest will declare “all Israel to be saved”—all those resurrected of His people. (Romans 11:26-27) He will also judge the nations as to how they have treated His brethren—the Jewish people (those of the tribe of Judah). (Matthew 25:31-36; Joel 3:1-2). He will gather the nations in the Valley of Jehoshaphat—the north Kidron Valley in front of the Eastern Gate—where King Josiah burned the prophets of Baal and cleansed the Temple Mount and the Land of those who worshipped false gods.

For the days of awe, we need to read Psalms like #51, which we can use as a guideline for repentance. Let the Spirit of Yahuweh convict you of what sin He sees in your life, so that the blood of Messiah can remove the sin, and the Spirit can give you strength to never do it again. It is amazing how He can put His finger on things that we don’t notice about ourselves—those attitudes that are contrary to the nature of Yahuweh. We can be so self-righteous, thinking we are so good, but if we put ourselves in His light for inspection, the tiny stains in the crevices of our life will be revealed.

I had a vision once of a formal dinner party. On one table sat a lovely ornate silver tray, with a lovely design carved into it. A gorgeous silver coffee pot sat on top of it. As people poured their coffee, some coffee spilled onto the tray. Every once in a while, a maid would come and wipe off the tray. But, I saw that deep in the ornate design of the tray, the coffee remained and stained the

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tray. I went to the maid and told her to take the tray and wash it thoroughly

to get rid of the stains. Our Messiah wants to wash us thoroughly by the washing of His blood and His Word. To the eye, the tray was clean, but upon investigation, the tray needed a lot of cleaning to remove the stains. And so it is with us. We can wear a mask and hide the truth from man, and even try to fool ourselves by denial, but we can’t fool Him!

On September 28th, I began my journey to Jerusalem. Because of a delay of 3 ½ hours coming out of Paris to Tel Aviv, I did not get to the Wall by sunset on September 29th as I had planned--the time of the rising of the renewed moon--

in order to proclaim the things Yahuweh had given me to proclaim on Yom Teruah. The main thing I was to proclaim was the opening of the last seven year cycle before Messiah came. [Last year, I was at the Wall on September 12th, 2007, sunset Yom Teruah, to proclaim eighteen things Father had given me that changed that night. I gave my report on great transition in three articles: 1) “The Shmittah Year Prophecy” 2) “The Forty-Eight Hour Transition” and 3) “The September 12, 2007 Report From Jerusalem”.]

But, as I saw the sun was going down, I began to proclaim what He had given me from 38,000 feet up. I had a window seat, so I could look out and see the islands of Greece below me, and the Mediterranean Sea, as we began flying over Athens and the Greek Isles, just south of Patmos (where John received the Revelation). As I began to proclaim, out of my mouth came, “I saw the beast rising out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns” (Revelation 13:1) We were flying directly down through the Mediterranean Sea along the European coastline towards Tel Aviv.

John was shown the anti-messiah, the lawless (Torahles) one. He is called a beast, from Daniel 7, because he is a composite of the seven world empires that ruled Israel (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece, Rome, and the revived Roman empire of today.) Daniel 7 describes the last four—describing the empire as pictured by fierce animals.

The ten horns are the ten world economic regions of today, through which world commerce is controlled by the trillionaire banking empires. (For more on this read the article: “NAFTA and the Ten Horns”)

Revelation 18 talks about an “eighth beast”—this is the composite of Rome (the Vatican—controlled by the Illuminati Jesuits) and end-time Babylon (America), working together for world domination. (For more information on this, read the article “Nebuchadnezzar”)

The next thing that came out of my mouth, as we flew over the Greek Isles, was “And they shall know that I am Yahuweh”, from Ezekiel 39. Ezekiel 38 and 39 are about to happen—Russia and Iran will lead a pack of many nations—some Muslim, some from Europe, Turkey, too, down on Israel. Iran is the chief nation that works with Russia. What we’re seeing in Georgia is a set-up for this event, as well as other things Russia is doing secretly. Israel had sent many weapons into Georgia, even training Georgian troops, and was also establishing a base there from which to strike Iran. At this point, Russia is infuriated at Israel and

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also America. But, before Russia and friends get too far with their destruction, Yahuweh causes an earthquake so great that the whole world feels it, and He says that all the world, as well as His people, will know that the Elohim of Israel, Yahuweh, lives and still protects Israel. This attack on Israel comes before the coming of anti-messiah.

Because of what Father was showing me In the plane, I was led to proclaim the victory of Revelation 19 and 20—the coming of Messiah, the binding of Satan for 1,000 years, the throwing of the anti-messiah and false prophet into the lake of fire, and the return of Messiah to take His throne for 1,000 years. I was called to proclaim victory over the beast system, and over the man who would be Satan/Lucifer in the flesh—the son of destruction. Father had me isolated with no one around me in the plane, as well as the airline assigning me a seat in business class at no extra cost to me. Father thinks of everything!

Yahushua will come amidst the shouting and trumpet blowing of His people, calling for His return on Yom Teruah—at the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon, marking Tishre 1.

September 29th—Monday--was marked by the Dow (American stock market) index dropping 777 points, after the 700 billion-dollar bailout package was rejected by our Senate/House. Seven, throughout Scripture is Fathers number of completion and finality. I remembered Ezekiel 7:2-3, speaking of the end coming upon the land. Verse 3: “Now the end is upon you, and I shall send my displeasure against you, and judge you according to your ways, and repay you for all your abominations”. Verse 19: “They throw their silver into the streets, and their gold becomes as filth. Their silver and their gold is unable to deliver them in the day of the wrath of Yahuweh”.

We are in the time of ha Din – the judgment. Judgment is coming on the world, but first upon America, who has worked since the 1700s with the Vatican, Illuminati, and the world banking system under the Rothschild empire, to bring about the plan of Lucifer to sit on the Temple Mount and rule the earth. Our sins have mounted up to heaven, and now Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 18, Isaiah 47, and other passages on end-time Babylon are about to happen. Take over by the government is happening in America, with smaller banks being gobbled up by the international banking empires, and mortgage companies being bought out by the government. At some point, all private property will be seized. We are heading towards a communist/feudal state.

A few years back, after ex-president Clinton got the award, President George W. Bush received the Charlemagne Award in Europe for doing the most to restore the “Holy Roman Empire”. The reward is also given to the one who has done the most to help unite Europe during the previous year. What are our Presidents doing, that they are rewarded for working to restore the power of the Roman Empire—the restoration of Caesar via the Catholic Church? It is often joked that Washington, D.C. is not our capitol, but the Jesuit University at Georgetown, where Clinton studied to be a Jesuit priest. Oh my friends,

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America was sold out a long time ago to Lucifier’s plans, but as individuals we can be sold out to Yahuweh!

Father’s judgment on the world is coming with Yahushua. But, first it begins with the “household of faith”. (I Peter 4:17) We don’t know ourselves if we are not tested, and He will allow us to be tested, so that we can repent and

change and receive the highest reward possible when He comes. (Read the article: “Rewards According to Works”)

We have entered the time of great shaking. (Hebrews 12:25-29; Haggai 2:6-7,

21-22) He will shake the earth soon, as the Russian hoards with Iran and other powerful nations come to try to destroy His Land and His people. Then He will shake the earth again and the “desire of nations” will come. We are in the time of Amos 4:12b “Prepare to meet your Elohim”.

This Yom Teruah, the marked ones have been sealed into the “Ark” of His Presence, for safety. These are those who will join the two witnesses and do exploits during the times ahead—the Bridal remnant, and the Forerunning Company. (For more on this refer to the article/study: “The Two Witnesses, the Bridal Remnant, the Forerunning Companies, and the Fleeing Remnant”) Noah was sealed into the ark seven days before the deep broke up and the great judgment began. Those, like Noah, who have been uncompromisingly pure in this generation have been sealed into “secret place of the Most High” for seven years (using the day-for-a-year prophetic Scripture precedent).

At the end of this seven-year cycle, at the close of the next Shmittah year, Messiah will come after the one to two days of the dark of the moon at the sighting of the renewed moon of Tishre 1—Yom Teruah.

Matthew 24:19-31: “And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from the heavens, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then the sign of the Son of man shall appear in the heavens, and then all the tribes of the earth shall mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming on the coming on the clouds of heaven with power and much esteem. And He shall send His messengers with A GREAT SOUND OF A SHOFAR and they shall gather together his chosen ones from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to another”.

From Psalm 47, which, along with Psalm 81, is read for Yom Teruah:

Verses 1-6a: “Oh clap your hands all you peoples! Shout to Elohim with the voice of singing. For Yahuweh Most High is awesome—a great Sovereign over all the earth! He subdues peoples under us, and nations under our feet. He chooses our inheritance for us—the excellence of Jacob (Ya’cob) whom He loves. Elohim shall go up with a shout—Yahuweh with the sound of a ram’s horn (shofar). Sing praises to Yahuweh, sing praises!”

Psalm 81:1-3: “Shout for joy to Elohim, our strength! Raise a shout to the Elohim of Jacob (Ya’cob). Lift up a song and beat the tambourine, play the pleasant lyre and the harp. Blow the ram’s horn at the time of the New Moon…” The only Festival that begins with the new moon is Yom Teruah.

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How long will be blowing the ram’s horn at the first sighting of the New Moon? Isaiah 66:22-23 tells us it will be forever!

Use this Festival season to repent, to turn from any touching of the kingdom of darkness, and to come fully out into the Kingdom of Yahuweh/Yahushua Yahuweh—for the King and the Kingdom are coming

Now the most important thing is to do what He instructs you to do in the Word and to you personally, without compromise, without balking. The events of the

lead-up to anti-messiah’s coming are here. To know Him intimately and know His ways, to have Him trust us—these things are of supreme priority!

I have been collecting statements of people in government and in the military who tell that after October 1st, many things will begin to happen.

For one thing, divisions of our troops brought back from Iraq, plus hired mercenaries, and foreign troops, are being moved to NorCom—our North Command (Colorado), for preparation to contain American citizens who will riot because of the things to soon come. This is part of the martial law program.

Soon, as word has filtered down via military sources, people on the “red list”—those approximately three million people who have been listed as being potentially dangerous to the government—good people who tell the truth, the good militia, those that want to defend their families, and those that proclaim the second coming of Messiah Yahushua, use Yahuweh’s Name, and on and on—will be arrested and executed, as part of a “crackdown” on “home-grown” terrorism. These are people in the public eye for the most part—who are a thorn in the flesh of the Luciferic world elite government leaders.

The release of bird flu airborne is imminent. Famine is very close, as our food is being contaminated, and/or destroyed, as is a military quarantine, which will escalate famine.

A total economic collapse of America will produce the domino effect, leading to Revelation 18. It will also lead to panic and riot in America. Revelation 18 describes New York City and Wall Street. Those 26 commodities listed in that chapter are only sold daily as a whole in one place—New York.

Russia is positioning the Ezekiel 38 scenario—the war with Georgia is part of it, and Yahuweh is putting the hook in Putin’s jaw. But, Russia is building up its nuclear arsenal in Venezuela and other areas of the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as stationing themselves off of America’s east and west coast, arming Cuba, arming many Arab nations and terrorist groups, and making pacts against the U.S., as with China and North Korea. Russia is already militarily threatening the U.S. with fighter planes coming towards our shores, and nuclear subs off our coasts.

The election could be cancelled, or a new set of candidate allies drastically changing things. It won’t be “normal” for sure.

Just realize that we have a window that we must take to fit into the plans He has for us from the foundation of the world. Make your priorities to be His Word, His presence, and obedience to what He shows you.

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We are in the time of the wise and foolish virgins—where the foolish ones (called “lazy fools” in the Hebrew Matthew) are waking up and running to the wise asking for help and provision. The wise cannot help anyone, because the preparations for what’s head is an individual thing. So, we are at the time when the wise must tell the lazy ones to “go buy for yourself”. We can’t impart what it takes to endure and overcome into someone else, if they’ve been fooling around and not preparing themselves.

Shalom with love and His joy,


September 30, 2008/2009 from Jerusalem

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