Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Meet the 'Girls', err, Guys! Aint I lookin HOT or what!!!??

Isn't that leotard just sickening!

Corrrrrrrrrr! Nice handbag!


The guys, the girls and the Drag queens!

Heeeere 'Babe' - OH SH*T!!

...just like a little 'puddy tat', til it bolted for him! Hilarious!

..Ahh, cute little possum - til it takes yer finger off!

More Scenery, was feelin totally yuck so opted out of gold panning...

...until I jumped out of a plane over the Franz Joseph Glacier!...

Hungover, still had nailvarnish and a touch of eyeliner on, and -...

The Franz Joseph Glacier, 2 miles up..

Snow capped mountains from the plane.

Here's where you all get a giggle!

Went to a Pub in Mahinapua and was told it was fancy dress, like, on the DAY we were going so not many people had a chance to get costumes. SO, after some bribing we all managed to secure an outfit - from the GIRLS!!

Dont really need to say much more, just check out the pics - HILAROIUS night but preceeded an AWFUL day ahead what with the amount of wine that was drunk, UH! Had to bolt off the coach at the first stop that morning to deal with a major involuntary stomach movement! Urrgh!

Shortly afterwards watched as the leotarded wonder fed a BOAR by hand! Jees, went for him once and hopped over that fence like a flea!

Oh yeah, then I jumped out of a plane! ;o)

Speak soon,

Pauline. Ha ha! ;o)

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