Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

This morning I left Fort Worth and headed up to Lake Texoma. On the way I stopped at a Love’s store in Denton to feed Daisy ($2.199 per gallon) and at a picnic area to have lunch. I arrived at my campsite around 2:00.

Fellow volunteer, Roy, had put an orange cone at my site so no one else would park in it. He saw me when I arrived, so he came over to pick up the cone. Later my other fellow volunteer, Judy, stopped by after she got off work to chat a few minutes.

It took me quite a while to get set up because I had a few chores that I don’t normally have. I started hooking up my new propane tank to the extension but had trouble removing a nut. I asked a neighbor for help and he was kind enough to do it. He and his wife and some other couples are on their way to the Valley in south Texas.

I got out the insulation for my water hose but decided to finish that job in the next day or so. The forecast is for warmer weather the next few days, so I don’t have to worry about the hose freezing. I also had trouble getting the windshield cover on. My arm and hand muscles probably will be sore tomorrow because I had to pull so hard on the cover. Ach!!

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