We had lunch at the Cafe Sabor on the drive to Gardiner..

What a great location for a restaurant..

Arriving in Gardiner with elk everywhere...:-)

Gardiner is one of our favorite places to visit..

The Yellowstone River runs through the middle of Gardiner..

Elk on the street in Gardiner..

We had great steaks at Cowboy's...

Views of Gardiner...



Elk doing some shopping in town..:-)


Mama and baby...:-)

The Roosevelt Hotel where we are staying...

More views from Gardiner...

It is a colorful little town...


Cool tours..

Last one!

We are in Gardiner, Montana for the next few days. We wanted to visit Yellowstone from Gardiner at the North Yellowstone Entrance. Gardiner is one of our favorite towns to visit near Yellowstone. There is a herd of elk that stays all around the town. They were all over the roads when we arrived. We saw them walking around town on the sidewalks and laying in the yards all around houses etc. They don’t seem to be afraid at all, you can get really close to them for pictures, etc. I was safe and took all my pictures from the car. ;-)

We are staying at the Roosevelt Hotel, it is so close to everything in Gardiner with lots of shops and restaurants nearby. We had great steaks at the Cowboy Restaurant in town. They also have a nice Subway to get sandwiches to take into the park for picnics. We are looking forward to seeing this part of Yellowstone for the next two days. Check back later for more.

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