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After a night of continuous rain, we left the Green Acres Campground in Delta Junction with the rain continuing. This is the first full day of rain we have had so I guess we should not complain. It was pleasant to hear the rain on the trailer roof and we slept like babies. We are only driving today, so it didn't matter much. It was only a drizzle and not a downpour. It did make the views along the way somewhat limited by the cloud cover.

Delta Junction started as a construction camp on the old Richardson Highway before the Alaska Highway was built. The surrounding country has become an important agricultural area.

It took most of the day to drive the 150 miles from Delta Junction to Glennallen as we stopped a lot along the way. The road was good and there was very little traffic which meant we could go slow and enjoy the views and look for wildlife. Speaking of wildlife...we drove through this vast wilderness area and DID NOT SEE ONE WILD ANIMAL! How could that be?

The trans-Alaskan pipeline runs all the way down the Richardson Highway. We were able to see it numerous times along the way. There were magnificent views of the Chugach Mountains and the Alaska Range (it says in the book). We drove by Donnelly Dome—a mountain that for years was used to predict the weather. The first snow on the top of the Donnelly Dome means snow in Delta Junction within 2 weeks. This is a peak that stands out by itself with no other significant hills around it. I don not know why?

We stopped at the Sourdough Roadhouse for a late lunch. We both had the best Sourdough pancakes with the owners homemade blueberry syrup. Boy was this a treat!

At Glenallen we ended up staying at the Northern Lights Campground that we had stayed in before. It is not the most scenic campground, but it was raining and we decided it would be nice to have electricity (so we could get one channel on the TV!) and most of all wireless internet. We are fortunate that we can access the internet from the trailer—a rare thing to happen in a trailer park. Usually we end of sitting in the Laundromat or wherever the router happens to be located.

For dinner we decided to try the halibut that we had purchased in Homer. We do not cook a lot of fish at home, so we were pleasantly surprised that it turned out great. After dinner it stopped raining and the mosquitoes were out in full force. It takes a while each evening to read about what we are going to see the next day along the way.

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