2007 Pacific Coast Trip travel blog

Cadillac Ranch just west of Amarillo, TX

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Outside the Big Texan Steak House

This was our "tacky tourist day". First, we had to go see the Cadillac Ranch. you can see it from the interstate on the east bound side of I-40 right before you get to Amarillo. It has been there since 1974 and through the years people have spray-painted the cars. It is right in the middle of a field with a path kept clear so you can walk right up to them. Those of you who watched "Cars" with your kids and grandkids will recognize it!

We had to have dinner at the Big Texan Steak House which was about a half mile from our campground. It is the home of the "free 72 oz. steak" if you eat it in one hour. We sat upstairs and had a great view of the dining room where a stage was set up for four guys who were trying to win the free steak. We watched them until they had eight minutes left and none of them looked like they were going to make it. A 72 oz. steak is huge! They also had to eat a baked potato, salad, roll, and shrimp coctail. By the way, our dinner was excellent.

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