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ready to celebrate

Since moving to an active adult community, we have celebrated New Year's Eve with a progressive dinner in our neighborhood. We take turns with the various courses of the meal, starting with an appetizer course where we eat too much because we're still hungry at that point and ending with the traditional midnight champagne where we are so full of food and ready to sleep it's a struggle to keep our eyes open. It's great to be with neighborhood friends and walk from home to home without worrying about drunk drivers and the outrageous fees charged by entertainment venues on this special night. Many of our neighbors are great cooks and would put Martha Stewart to shame in the home decorating department. The first day of the new year we all staggered out of our homes, feeling slightly sleep deprived, and removed the outdoor holiday decorations. Global warming has blessed us once again. It was almost 50ยบ and the sun was out when we completed this sad task this year.

Then our thoughts turned to the next few months away from our neighborhood. Our RV has been sitting in its home in the woods the last few months and we always wonder if everything will still be working properly when we take it out of the forest. Except for a dead mouse I found at the bottom of a waste basket, everything seems to be fine. We had filled the guest room with all the clothes, books, eletronics gizzmos and other neccessities that make life in the RV pleasant and it was amazing how quickly we had the RV filled up. Now we are left with wondering what we have forgotten...

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