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Do you know turtles spray like skunks?? That's why I'm holding it...

Lion for Al

More of them







Our tents


Patrick, Mark, Steph and Ferg





Maun by air

Heading over the Okavango Delta

See the hippos??


See the elephant??

Well, finally I am feeling better and back in the land of the living. I don't remember ever being so sick in my whole life, I was giving serious consideration to tossing the whole thing in and heading for home. Except I wasn't sure if I could harness a donkey to take me the 700km to the nearest airport with out throwing up all over it...

Its only taken me most of the first week of this safari to recover! And here I was feeling sorry for my tent buddy, he got the same thing 2 days after me but it started on a travel day so was sick in the truck with 30 others watching. Our tent was a bit of an infirmary for awhile there but all is well now and no one else has been stricken, as yet!

I have been staying in a campsite on the outskirts of Maun for a couple of days now. I WAS going to take a trip into the Okavango Delta for a couple of nights with some others but I was still unwell when they were heading off so am just chilling out here til Sunday then heading down into Namibia.

Once again I have gotten my hair braided and wasn't that a drama?! I went to the hairdresser and asked how much and was told $120 Pula (US$1=$6 Pula) and that it would take 1 hour but they have no elastics and would tie up the braids instead. So I settle in and these two girls start...4 hours later(!!!!) they are still going and my bum is numb, my neck is sore and I'm starving. If they plaited and slower they would have been asleep. Then all of a sudden the girl tells me she is finished. I looked in the mirror and saw that some ends were tied with string but most weren't, which I asked about. She said that the longer ones wouldn't come undone and that I should just dip the ends in boiling water to stop them coming undone(!). I could already see they were unravelling but by that stage I just wanted to get out of there. I gave her $150 Pula and waited for me change. THEN she tried to charge me $285 Pula by saying that her boss had changed the price half way through. I could not believe it! So needless to say, I didn't get my change but nor did I pay the outrageous price she wanted. I walked to the supermarket, bought elastic bands and spent the rest of the afternoon replaiting and tying up my own hair!

Its a pretty peaceful town, not much happening here at all. In fact that is most of Afric that I have experienced so far. Everyone is friendly and laid back, always quick with a smile or a friendly word. Its very dry although we usually get a quick downpour about 5pm every afternoon for 10 minutes of so. Usually just after you hang your washing out, typical. The campsite is pretty good, it even has hot water, courtesy of a fire stoked outside under the water tank! Oh for the days of those half hour hot showers at Campbell Cres that Andrew always cursed me for!!

Lots of wildlife sightings,have included a few pics for those nature buffs. The lion is for Alex, by special request.

Had a few drinks around the campfire and a couple of other Aussies and I got a bit teary eyed listening to a few good old Aussie classic through the iPod speakers (a hit yet again!), Slim Dusty, John Williamson and of course, Peter Allen's I Still Call Australia Home....

I am now officially half way through my trip so I'm on the home stretch. Not that I am willing the time away by any means! Living the dream and loving every minute :)

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