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Old Faithful sign

Old Faithful at rest

Old Faithful stage one

Old Faithful stage two

Old Faithful stage three

Old Faithful stage four

Old Faithful stage five

Old Faithful stage six

Old Faithful stage seven

Old Faithful stage eight

Old Faithful back at rest


Bear 1

Bear 2

Bear 3

Bear 4

Bear 5

Buffalo 1

Buffalo 2 this guy walked right in front of the car and...

Buffalo 3 Two boys having fun

Buffalo 4 Mom and her calf

Buffalo Mom and her calf

Yellowstone Canyon



Elk at Mammoth Hot Springs

Gallatin Range

Gallatin Range 2

Happy Guest of the Park

Madison River

Madison River 2 with dead trees from the 1988 fire

Nesting bald eagle 1

Nesting bald eagle 2

Our first wolf sighting

Steamboat Geyser Worlds Tallest

We loved these green mountains

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana

Congress established Yellowstone in 1872 as the world's first national park. Neither of us had ever seen a geyser and now we've seen Old Faithful and many other geysers and hot springs, fumaroles and mudpots. Fascinating but also scary because as the literature says, "the heart of Yellowstone's past, present and future lies in volcanism." Huge eruptions could occur any time. But things were quiet while we were there marveling at the mountains, the geysers, and certainly the animals. We flat out loved it!

We were disappointed at Teton that we couldn't see the bears better. Yellowstone made it up to us. The black bears that are in the pictures were very close to us and totally oblivious of us. All they appeared to want to do was eat grass. One of the black bears was cinnamon color and some are very light brown - go figure. We took pictures along with about 30 other people on the road for 30 minutes. On the same road, we were driving on a cliff up a mountain and suddenly met 5 bison running toward us down the middle of the road. We stopped, duh. They couldn't run off the cliff, it was a steep drop. They couldn't run between our car and the mountain, so they went to the other lane and kept running. One of them seemed to panic for a second but recovered and ran with the others. We thought it was so neat.

It turned out well for us to be there before the season starts in earnest because the roads were not crowded and we could leisurely pull over to look at the animals and waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. One special site was a nest up on a very high pole with a bald eagle and probably young eagles but we didn't see the young ones. We drove past it several times and saw the adult nearly every time.

You'll see a fuzzy picture of the back of a wolf. He's afraid of the paparazzi, I suppose, because he ran across the road in front of us and then just crept slowly along in the woods just beyond where we could snap a good photo. He looked very healthy and about the size of a German Shepherd! The Park reports they have approximately 20,000 bison and we saw hundreds of them and hundreds of elk, a few pronghorn, trumpeter swans, ducks, geese, and many birds we can't identify. Maybe the most impressive of the animals were the bison. They're big and strong but look docile and have been abused throughout history. These are doing just fine, however. They can wander the 2.2 million acres of the park.

The next time I want to do more hiking and to see Yellowstone Lake. It hadn't opened yet but this was lovely and we're off to Montana so we can get this trip to Alaska on its way!

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