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Beautiful mountains and glaciers hidden in the clouds and fog.

Seafarer's Memorial on the Homer Spit.

Seafarer's Memorial Bell.

Seafarer's Memorial plaques - looks like Spot went down with the crew.

There were some strange living arrangements down there on the Spit!

15-18 August 2006

Homer, AK

I was thinking that I wouldn't have anything to say about our 2-day stay in Homer, but that changed when the coach caught fire on the way out of Homer! We had a damaged tail-pipe (from a site we had trouble getting out of in Tok), and apparently it blocked the exhaust enough to cause a build up of oil, which subsequently caught fire. We had just left the RV park here in Homer, and were going slowly through some really heavy fog, when Richard looked at the rear-view mirror and thought the car was on fire. We pulled over, leapt from the coach, and found that it was the rig that was in flames, not the car. Richard got one of the fire extinguishers and put it out. Meanwhile, others in our group saw the flames and called the Wagonmaster, who called the Tailgunner, who headed out to help us. Others had stopped to help, too - Charles and Grace Hanson were super help. Once we got things under control, everyone left but the Tailgunner and his wife (the Pipers), and the policeman who came helped us find a place to see about getting repair work done. The parts they need should be in tomorrow (the 18th). We checked back in to the RV park, and will go visit more of the Homer sights later today.

Homer reminds me a lot of the Cape - if you took the artist and fishing communities in Provincetown, and spread them along a 3-4 mile strand into the ocean, you'd have Homer. The Homer spit is a narrow road with beach, piers, little shops, and RV parking along it's length. Across the water, we've caught glimpses of some beautiful mountains. It has rained much of our time here, and the fog that rolled in this morning was quite bad. Sitting in the RV (with the rest of the group out of the RV park) we can see the ocean, or bay, which is flat calm right now. Low clouds still obscure the mountains across the bay. The mountains end in a point, which is the end of the Kenai Peninsula. With any luck, our repairs will be done in the morning, and we'll rejoin the group in Sterling, AK - only an hour or so drive up this arm of the Kenai Peninsula.

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