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Dom: The journey was an overnight-and-half-a-day affair which went as smoothly as could be. Huacachina is an oasis surrounded by massive sand dunes. It is only 10 minutes from the large town Ica but thankfully remains an oasis and not a tourist extension of Ica. It's low season here and this was reflected in the very few people around. This certainly only heightened our pleasure at the place. There is very little at the oasis except a few restaurants and hostels.

People come here because of it's natural beauty sure, but the main reason is the dune-buggying. Unfortunately you don't get set loose with a dune-buggy yourself (which i found to my great disappointment) but instead sit in a ridiculously souped up buggy with your fingers plugging your ears to block out the airplane like roar. It was great fun. The buggy could climb 50 degree inclines with relative ease, the best bits were when it approached the lip of a dune from the top and plunged down a steep dune and then up over another. Two hours of this would have got a bit boring so you get a sandboard to play with too. It's probably a lot safer than snowboarding but not as much fun. Despite the washing up liquid sprayed on the bottom of the boards they kept sinking, but good fun.

Not as much fun as laying on the bored and flying head first down a hill so steep you couldn't see those going before you from when they disappeared over the ledge to when they appeared in a speeding blur at the bottom. The least fun i had on this activity was when i returned to the buggy to find my sun-glasses in two separate pieces. That's two pairs of sunnies i've got through so far, duck tape is to the rescue as usual.

Met a nice bunch of English people on the buggy and had dinner with them. Surprisingly, we haven't come across many English travellers.

C - Not much to add to that! The dune buggys were exhilarating and the boarding was fun - despite ending up with half a dune down my trousers. It was so much harder than snow boarding, I think you would need a lot of speed to do anything substantial but it was tricky when your feet are only held in by velcro straps and you constantly sink under the sand. Our hostel had a swimming pool and hamocks and a handful of parrots which made for a great lazy afternoon after the bus journey in.

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