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Milan's Duomo

Inside Milan's Duomo

Crypt of Milan's Duomo

Inside Milan's Duomo

Entrance arch to the Galleria

Brian, Cal, and I in Milan

Inside the Galleria

Duomo di Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Funicolare station (train up the mountain)


View of AUTUMN(!) from mountaintop

view and...

view of Como and clouds

Sarah and I on mountaintop (it was raining, OK?)

view of Como and clouds

view of Como and clouds

On Friday night, Anna's parents were in town and took "the roomies" out for dinner at a really good pizza place. We had a great cheese antipasto as well as tomato bruschetta, then Sarah and i shared a plate of really good gnocchi Sorrentina (tomato sauce and mozzerella), and we each had our own pizza/calzone. It was very good; thank you again, Mr. and Mrs. Timmerman! After, Sarah, Anna, and I met up with a bunch of other CAPA students at a Latin bar and had sangria and Margaritas!

Saturday morning, Sarah and I left bright and early to meet Brian and Cal at the train station to head to Milano! We all slept on the way, and when we arrived it was gray and rainy! We took the subway to the one area of town that we really wanted to see- the Duomo, and, of course, shopping! We had a bet going as to whether or not the Duomo would be covered in scaffolding- Sarah won, because the entire front was covered up and there wasn't even a picture there in its place!! However, being a gothic Cathedral, it was cool all the way around, as opposed to only on the facede, like many of the churches in Florence. The inside was MASSIVE and very cool. There were several ENTIRE skeletons of saints (creepy!), an enormous organ, and lots of beautiful frescoes and stained glass. Next door was the galleria, which opens from a giant arch (similar to the one in Piazza Della Reppublica here) on to an indoor mall area with a big domed glass ceiling. All of the shopping throughout the city was out of my price range, however, except for the Zara and H&M, which had approximately 10,000 shoppers each. As for high-end stores, Sarah and I counted at least 7 Dolce & Gabbana stores, 3 or 4 Prada stores, a couple of Louis Vitton and numerous designer boutiques for children! All of the 6-year-olds in Milan were dressed better than I was. The later it got in milan, the busier the streets were, so we decided to head to Lake Como to find a place to stay for the night so we could have all day to explore on Sunday.

The train to Como (home of both George Clooney and Sting) was only about 30 minutes, and we found a 3 star hotel for 40 euro per person within about 15 minutes. by this time, however we were all starving and exhausted. We asked our concierge about a good place to eat, then set off to find it. They said it would be at least a 30 minute wait, and everywhere we tried after taht was closed (at 9:30 on a Saturday!!), so we ended up with chinese. It was very good, though. We woke up on Sunday just in time for the free hotel breakfast, and then took the advice of an American woman we had met the night before to take the Fumicolare train up the side of the mountain by the lake to see the view. The train itself was actually a little scary- STRAIGHT up the mountain, we decided it would have made a good roller coaster! but the top was beautiful!! It was a rainy, gray day again, but I could not have cared less! You have to understand that fall is my favorite time of year because you get to see all the colors of the trees and everything smells good and looks beautiful, but we have not been able to experience that change yet in Florence. So to be in the middle of mountains covered in reds and oranges and yellows and browns was EXACTLY what I was hoping for! And the weather actually made the view really cool because we could see the clouds settling in as fog in the valley below us and slowly swirling their way back up towards us and the sky. I could have stayed forever, but we had to leave in order to be back in Florence while the buses would still take us home.

PS- I took TONS of pictures but have not gotten around to uploading them to my laptop, burning them to CD and bringing them to the internet cafe to download, so those will come later this week!

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