Anthony on the Gringo Trail 2005 travel blog

Part of Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls

Boat below and people above part of Iguazu

Islands and watefalls

Rainbow on Devil's Throat

One of the places I was getting wet in Brazil yesterday

Wettest Argentinian walkway

Same place from below

A wet me not far from above

Thieving Iguana (effing photo won't rotate!)

Slept very well, must be all that ozone. So off I go back to Argentina. So not wanting to start as late as yesterday or get stranded at the border again, I get a taxi to Puerto Iguazu this time. Big contrast, shady, sleepy, quiet, almost suburban. And then another bus to the Argentinian National Park. And then a walk around the top of some of the Falls, a walk around lower down, and finally a boat trip right to the bottom. And I thought I got wet yesterday! The locals are wiser, all in their swimming cossies with towel and t-shirt secured in plastic bags. Let me unequivocally tell you that theirs is the best way to do it. Nearly everything of mine was soaked, including my boots, with water pouring down my legs into them. But it is great to see so many people so excited by something that is natural. Everyone also very happy to take pics of each other and get out of the way of photos, etc...nice.

If it could be possible, it was even more mind-blowing than yesterday. And that was entirely to do with being able to get even nearer to the bottom of falls, where all the action is. And huge amounts of spray and noise. Unfortunately, the more dramatic, means more spray, means more difficult to photograph. Looking up from right at the bottom at this wall of water is just amazing. And the boat ride was all that and more so. Powerful motor boats take you right to the bottom of some of the falls and even up into the maelstrom of the main bits like the Devil's Throat. This was so wet I couldn't even see when we were near this, it was like trying to look at a power shower with your eyes open. But when we had retreated enough so I could see, it was immensely impressive. And the boat was fun. I couldn't understand why there were warnings about not having a weak back though, until we took off over some rapids and landed with a hard and enormous thump that really jarred my back.

And better weather today, so rainbows everywhere, as well as numerous colourful butterflies, landing on my hat, my nose, my legs (they like the sweat...yum). Also of note were iguanas and coatis (like a cross between an anteater and a racoon), all stealing food off people. So I go round the whole place a couple of times, and eventually tear myself away to splash back to the bus to town. And I still haven't decided where to go tomorrow, which I need to. Straight to Buenos Aires? Or via Ignacion to check out the best of the famous Jesuit Missions (and possible side trip over border to Paraguay to see a couple more)? What to do? And how the hell can I get my only footwear dry again? Had a damn nice evening meal though, with some of the first nice wine I have had.

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