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After nine days at Rolling Retreats and with everything repaired we were anxious to get on the road again. I guess it was time for Murphy’s Law to play with us because severe weather moved into the area with thunder, lightning, pouring rain, strong, gusty wind and red all over the TV screen when the weather people were explaining things. The result was that on the night before a seven or eight hour haul with the RV we had a total of two hours of sleep.

I felt exhausted and worn out as we shared our morning coffee but we were soon finished and making those last minute preparations for the road. We pulled out of Rolling Retreats at 8:20 this morning and headed east toward Oklahoma City.

We hadn’t gone far before we passed an RV lying on its side in the ditch. A trailer with motorcycles had also crashed making the disaster complete. It was a good reminder to us to be extra careful with wet roads.

We started with a clean truck, car, and RV but after going through numerous construction areas with lots of red mud on the roads, Marilyn’s car was so dirty that it was impossible to see through the windshield. The RV is in need of a wash job, as is the truck and car. Tomorrow is the day to get something done about that.

We stopped for 45 minutes to refuel the truck and grab a sandwich. We reached the Deer Creek Valley RV Park at 4:15 and were soon set up. We discovered that one propane tank was empty so I had to go out to open the valve on tank #2 before going to bed on a night when the forecast calls for a low temp of 47 degrees.

I’ll bet we sleep well tonight. Life is Good!

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