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B-52 Bomber Diamond Lil

B-52 Bomber Diamond Lil - Glenda Alexander

USAF Academy

USAF Academy - Chapel

USAF Academy – Dormitory

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods - Kissing Camels

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods - Balanced Rock Silhouette

This afternoon the Gray Line shuttle picked me up at 1:00. This time there were two more pick-up points, for a total of six passengers. One couple was from New Orleans and the family of three live near Houston.

Our first destination was the 18,000-acre U. S. Air Force Academy. The first stop near the North Gate was to see the famous B-52 bomber, Diamond Lil. This plane was in use from 1956 to 1983, with a crew of six. It could reach a speed of 650 miles per hour. It is 156 feet long and 48 feet high. The wing span is 186 feet. Our second stop at the Academy was the visitor center where we saw an interesting video on the lives of the cadets. After that, several of us took the chapel trail to visit the chapel. I saw the Protestant, Jewish and Buddhist chapels. I did not see the Catholic chapel because I was very tired and was running out of time.

Next, we visited the 1350-acre Garden of the Gods park at the foot of Pike’s Peak. The huge sandstone formations were very impressive. Some of them resemble animals or people. Unfortunately, an approaching rain storm prevented us from walking all the trails. We had to hurry back to the van and got there just as the heavy rain began. I was glad that I had had a chance to get at least a few photos, though. We stopped at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. I drooled over some of the beautiful items but didn’t buy anything.

After the rain storm the temperature was in the sixties.

LaValda called to say that they would not be able to see me tonight. Ben was still recovering from his tests at the hospital and their car was not ready either.

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