Entrance to the preserve

map of the preserve, the pen points to our spot

entrance to the preserve

railroads have a history here in this area.

in the preserve, down a lane.

view out our window

view out our window.

out our window we also hear coyote's often.

one day we woke up to snow across the canyon, too close...

Dave found these acorns in our awning arms, those sneeky woodpeckers!

Dave's cousin Sandi in the middle, a very nice visit.

We knew we had a long drive, much longer than usual, ahead of us for this move. Rebecca drove most of the distance, of the 304 miles she piloted about 200 of them. According to our Garmin the first 50 miles were VERY slow, averaging 30.3 miles per hour. That was because we took hwy 25 straight south out of Hollister to hwy 198 to Coalinga. Boy, are those roads narrow, winding and fun to drive! We'd do it again. Here again we'd do almost any road rather than drive too much on interstates. Once in the preserve at Soledad Canyon we quickly found a spot to park with a nice view on top of a hill. We made a slight change in our schedule for this stop. Making sure we're here for 5 days because Dave discovered one of his cousins lives in Palmdale. Sandi, Dave's cousin, made plans for us to spend a full day and a half with her and other cousins living in the area. The first day with Sandi she came to the coach where we showed her our digs. Then she drove us around Palmdale to show us the sights. We ended the day with dinner at a real country club. VERY NICE. The next day, Sandi drove us to Lake Arrowhead where we hung out for a few hours with other cousins Dave hasn't seen for quite a few years. Sunday we rested up from the pace.

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