Thousand Trails Palm Springs entrance

The ranger entrance gate.

This is one of the prettiest parks arund, though it is a...




This is our street, nearly full .

We have a fabulous pool and recreation area.

Dave saw this road runner directly behind our coach.

We woke up the morning of our move to frozen water hoses, it was 30 degrees most of the night. Dave dressed warm to work outside for getting us hitched up for our trip to Palm Desert. The 150 mile drive went very smooth and quickly. Recently we have noticed that, at least in California, that freeways are in need of repair. Lots of pot holes, cracks and ridges. The economy has not allowed a state in bad finances to repair the infrastructe and has done a number to these freeways, so we drive alittle slower than before.

Two days after arriving was Thanksgiving, we anticipate having a nice small dinner with just the three of us. The weather is very nice with temperatures about 65 - 70 during the day. We like this preserve for it's proximity to all the Palm Springs area has to offer without being in the midst of crowds. Shortly after we arrived we found two couples who have been friends for years, whose coaches are not far from ours. It was a warm reunion, it's nice to have friends all over the nation.

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