TTN Pio Pico entrance from hwy 94

TTN Pio Pico entrance

looking for something to keep you busy? there's lots to do here.

just go to the activity center and get involved

or go to the store for all your needs

our setup on space E-31

Our setup on space E-31

a creek runs through the park

nice pools, a hot tub is available and a steam hut too

our street, Mexico is on the other side of that mountain !

nice little setup

layout of the park, our space bottom right area.

Pio Pico, governor of California

Short history of Governor Pio Pico

second half of history of Pio Pico

1934 the C.C.C. boys were here, it was named Camp Minnewawa

What the C.C.C. camp looked like

The C.C.C. boys at a flag ceremony in 1935

It's not all RV's, there are plenty open space, too.

Want to get busy with activities, come to the rec. office...

Terrific facilities, here lunch is served up

at the Coyote Canyon Cafe', good food, cheap...

On Tuesday the winds had stopped in Yuma so we departed and drove the 204 very scenic miles west on I-8 to Thousand Trails Preserve Pio Pico. The preserve is outside the town of Jamul by about 6 miles toward the Mexican border. Our first impression of this park is very favorable. It's up in the foothills at an elevation of about 730 ft. giving us coolness and dryness without the fog, as along the coast. San Diego is about 30 miles from here. There are 3 things on our list to see/do; first, visit with Dave's Aunt Lorraine; second, go to the San Diego Zoo at Balboa; third, stroll the gas lamp district. With diesel prices currently, in San Diego, about $4.17 - $4.39 there won't be too much driving around touring. Contrary, we both have several books that need to be read and Dave has 2 fly fishing rods to finish.

So stay tuned here and see what we will do and see in San Diego. Be sure to read the history of Pio Pico, the man we have provided in some of the pictures. It's interesting.

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