Desert Vista is now an Encore park.

we like the entrance to the park

the lodge hall, used to be a bunk house for truckers in...

The Chuck Wagon serves up some terrific food.

A refreshing dip never hurt us!

horseshoes, billiards, poker, workout room etc.

nice little mini golf course...

well maintained too.

very inviting entrance garden to the park

local welder puts these large pieces together.

a variety of citrus trees are found through out the park, pick...

our setup, space 54

Our setup on space 54

Dave had to put the sun shade on the awning, it's too...

Melissa (L) and Rebecca(R)

Melissa (L) and Rebecca (R) with Bambi

Dave Foster (L) and Dave (R)

The Fuller family with lake Alamo in the background.

(L to R) Dave, Rebecca, Melissa Foster and Dave Foster

Dave's bird feeding was a very popular and big hit for the...

looking down our street at the park. not many RV's here YET...

What the surrounding desert looks like, we walked here often.

This is being updated after the fact (while in Sierra Vista) since the availability to the web is "iffy" at best while there at Salome.

It was a very nice and short drive from Palm Desert to Salome, AZ. You'll find Salome in southwestern AZ on Hwy 60. Those that have been following our travels know we like this little park. It's not much to look at from the highway as one drives by, but the people make this a little gem in the desert. Our ten day stay here was wonderful as we had celebrated Dave's 59th birthday and a friends (Melissa Foster)???? birthday and the weather cooperated. Our morning and afternoon walks were full of sun, warmth and the scents of all the desert bushes.

One day we took a drive with Dave & Melissa Foster out to Lake Alamo. A favorite place for us to bass fish, though we didn't fish this day. They'd never been there, so we played tourist guide for them. Once again the weather was nice and the day turned out so wonderful. It was rich with grand views, sounds and the chance to see the mating dance of the Western Grebe on the water. After some calling, necking and cooing they rise up on the water and skeeter across the water quickly, as if holding hands. Sorry we don't have pictures of that, but you've probably seen the dance on National Geographic or some such show.

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