our setup in space #2 of the Untalan RV Resort & Spa

altitude is almost 5,000 ft, it's warm not hot very nice.

Dave and Joe got the Porte bote ready for a day or...

the girls out in the back

Maria and Rebecca

Meet Molly

Molly is so big she fills the camera lens

Molly, Bambi and the gals

Molly is 110 lbs, Bambi is 17 lbs. Molly is a gentle...

Dave gets a Molly lick !

We had forgotten how far this drive was, though we gladly take it, a whopping 305 miles! Way beyond our usual limits of 250 or less in a day drive, but this is different. The drive is easy and we have friends and family waiting on us when we arrive. It's always a wonderful happy reunion for all of us when we gather. Take look at our itinerary and you'll see we are here for almost three weeks! The Untalan RV Resort and Spa isn't big, only 2 RV spaces but they really serve up the hospitality! They have to or they won't have any returning customers... Oh, did I mention we get space #2 all the time cuz the owners RV is in space #1. Last year Joe Untalan had a contractor come in to bury the power & telephone lines in the back yard, while at it he had the guy place and install an RV power & water pole. When we backed in to the backyard and hooked up we plugged in to the BEST 50 amp we've ever had at any park. We can have both heat pumps, a coffee pot, refrigerator, hot water heater and some lights going before the power even drops a little bit. When we backed into the backyard we were immediately greeted by Molly, the new addition to their family. A 2 - 3 year old St. Bernard, WOW is she big! Bambi soon let her know that it is she that is in charge of this place and they soon settled into a nice friendship, Bambi style.

While we were back in Salome the owner of the Likely Place RV Resort & Golf called us to invite us to come work for them over this coming summer. We accepted the offer and we're excited about the prospects. So, for you RV'er friends of ours, if you're going north or south through northern Calif come up Hwy 395 and stay with us. We'll be there from May 1 through Oct 31. Rebecca will be working as RV and Golf receptionist, whereas Dave will be outside doing RV maintainence. For more information about this little gem go to:


Another piece of good news, we know many of you know we needed a renter for our former home in Reno, NV. The property management company told us they have a nice young family who moved in on the Dec 15th. We're so glad and relieved at this news.

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