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Anxious to be at our winter home in the Rio Grande Valley, we were up at 5:30 in the morning. We shared our coffee and then began making things inside the RV ready for travel as we waited for enough daylight to hook up the RV. I was anxious enough that I didn’t wait for daylight and went outdoors where I was really surprised to see a guy across the street cooking breakfast by the light of a small lantern on the table next to his propane stove. The bacon sure smelled good.

With the help of light from the power pedestals I disconnected the cable TV coax and the water hose. I spoke to Denny & Jackie who were also doing those similar chores. These good friends rolled out of the RV Park at 7:45 while Marilyn & I followed five minutes later. We drove slowly as we knew that our friends were stopping for fuel just 20 miles down the road.

It was a beautiful morning and all went well with travel. We passed around San Antonio on 410 with our friends right behind us. The trip was going very nice and we stopped for fuel at the Exxon station in George West and then continued all the way to the valley. Due to some construction on the Expressway (I-2) we followed Denny on an alternate route. This route was ok but the constant series of stoplights which turned red just before we arrived caused us to reach Retama Village at 2:05 which still wasn’t bad.

It was 84 degrees when we parked at the Clubhouse to disconnect the car and were immediately greeted by Harvey, a friend here at Retama. When we began backing in at our site we were greeted by friends who live nearby and that was nice.

By 3:00 we had the basic setup complete and had time to get cleaned up for a visit with friends Mike & Marian who had prepared Pizza and salad for us. It is a custom that in our group of friends there will always be someone who has a meal for the new arrivals so that they the ones who have been driving all day do not have to cook or go out again for a meal. That is a nice custom and we sure thank our friends Mike & Marian.

I wanted to stay up to watch the World Series but didn’t make it. Tomorrow is a new day and it sure is nice to be home again. Life is Good!

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