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Modern technology is brilliant! Automatic ticket machines with multi-language options and credit card payment meant that I easily obtained my ticket from Düsseldorf Airport to Aachen. Unfortunately they also allow companies to dispense with human staff, so when the trains are all running late and changing platforms it became a nightmare to to know if I was getting on the right train and whether my ticket was valid for the train I got on. In the end I guess this was my own paranoia as I did get on the right train and there was no problem with my ticket. I loved the fact that the train was so full it was hard to find standing space let alone somewhere to sit and so late that passengers were getting very stressed - maybe German efficiency is just a myth.

Finally got to Aachen and checked into my functional German hotel - no cats were in danger of being swung, the wardrobe was "walk in" and exactly the same depth as my body, ie if I stood flush against the wall my backside was probably sticking out the other side. I'd pity a "large" person trying to get onto the toilet or into the shower.

Dumped bags and went for walk, managed the few photos posted before the sun set and got a bier in McDonald's.

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