TTN Las Vegas entrance from Boulder Highway

Watch for Desert Tortise's

If you don't have an RV stay in one of these!

A nice social place

You bet we will, several times.

We found giant gecko's and frogs, YIKES !

A very nice store, time for new flowers to liven things up...

Goldfish in the pond...

And a newly rebuilt pool to enjoy, opening today!

Our street, see our coach down there on the right? The big...

Spaces are tight but adequate.

Parking is a challenge with such a large rig and pick-up

Today the sun got very hot, 90 +, so we added our...

Our flowers love the sun and the heat..

Flower buds abound and ready for springing forth, soon...

One thing we seldom do is leave a park real early, it's just too much like WORK ! You know, get up early (6:00 a.m.) hustle and bustle, UGH! Not to mention all the work one has to do the night before so as to put you "ahead of the game". Boy, we did all that this time. Why, well, we tuned into the weather forecast and we were told of high desert winds. As many of you know we don't drive in winds over 40 mph! As it all went down, we departed the park about 7:00 a.m. Dave was barely with it and had to hold his eyelids open with toothpicks, but Rebecca and Bambi rose to the occasion, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. As it turned out, we got out of the desert before the threat of winds got to us. We did, however, have some winds around the Barstow area but it didn't last long and the wind wasn't high enough to stop us.

All in all, it was a nice 290 mile drive from Acton, just outside Palmdale, Ca to Las Vegas. We like this park for several reasons, though glamour and glitz aren't some of those. It's a quaint park with about 200 spaces, they have us racked and stacked in here like cord-wood and the park has nice facilities. But it's free to us and we'll continue to come here. We'll be in this area till the 12th of April. The purpose for our visit is simple, KIDs and GRANDKIDs, need we say more! Oh and there are a few other Air force friends we have living here and then the near annual visit to an AMSOIL distribution center.

NOTE: We paid $4.39 for diesel in Palmdale area, Las Vegas was $3.99 & $4.09 ! ! !

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