The view from our patio

The view from our patio

our setup along the bluff.

Our setup

Our setup on a bluff with lake view.

coyote visits us.




coyote close to us, about 60 feet away along the shore of...

Anna's Hummingbird, male

Anna's Hummingbird

The last several stops we've made to Salome, AZ and the Desert Vista RV Park we've driven out to this lake for fishing. We've said we'd like to come out here for a short stay. It was a very pleasant 136 mile drive from Sun City. Rebecca drove most of the way and we quickly found an ideal spot on a bluff over looking a cove with lots of bird viewing. As we settled into our "boondocking", the RV to our spot, we also noticed the birds were plentiful. "Boondocking" is an RV term describing the way one camps without any hookups. That is, without being connected to water, electric or sewer. We generally have enough battery power and water and sewer storage on board for about 8 days. With bass fishing being very slow we opted not to engage in that sport this time. But the birds, that is what we came here for anyway. As it turned out, we weren't' going to be disappointed. When the visit of 4 days was over we added 7 new birds to our list. We really enjoyed ourselves. The weather was fantastic everyday. We had a "pet" Anna's hummingbird come to our feeder and he defended the feeder as his own with vigor. He let only one female come and drink the nectar. They were fun to watch. Besides the birds we had a few visits from coyotes. There were at least two that we saw several times. One incident in particular was strange, The male (we think) came all the way across the valley of our cove to just under us on the bluff. He waded then swam in the water about 60 yards or so, grabbed a big ol' dead fish, swam back to shore then trotted off a goodly distance and proceeded to eat the fish. He devoured the fish in a couple minutes. Very entertaining and interesting to watch. We had others in the camp tell us that coyotes were very prevalent.

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