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We slept great last night and awoke at 7:00 this morning. That didn’t give us much time to get ready for the road but we were ready to go and rolled out of the Campground at 8:50. Denny & Jackie had left about ten minutes earlier because they were stopping for fuel, and then would catch up to us. They did just that as Marilyn and Jackie texted back & forth to stay aware of just where we all were in relation to one another. We passed through one construction area where the open lane was only ten feet wide with concrete barriers on each side. It must have been four or five miles of “pucker factor” reminding us of a trip across the Huey P. Long Bridge in New Orleans with friends Bob & Janet.

It was right about 2:00 PM when we followed our friends in to the Choctaw Casino and RV Park in Durant, Oklahoma. This happens to be a very nice KOA and it felt nice to be here, even though we are staying only one night.

Denny had some problems getting set up and we thought he might need a “Snickers” to feel more like himself. Private Joke.

We rode the shuttle bus to have dinner at the Casino but the driver didn’t know where to drop us so we walked the entire length of the Casino to reach the food court. Denny had mentioned to me that they had some of the best chicken he had ever tasted so I had that on my mind all day. Imagine my chagrin when we finally arrived at this food place only to find them closed. How could this happen. It would have been fair to blame Denny but everyone is aware of my reputation which means my name only has to be mentioned to cause restaurants to close just before we arrive. Bummer! We adapted quite well with Smash Burgers, fries, and shakes for dinner.

Life is Good!

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