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ATHENS airport crowds

St. John’s Co cathedral

J struggling!

Food hall

Arrived at Athens airport in plenty of time. The shuttle from the hotel was interesting. A family from an un named country were among the guests and got on before us. J and C sat near the front in a double seat. After a while a woman got on and instead of walking down to a seat, stood and said to herself “well I guess I will have to stand”. A few minutes later the driver got in, noticed her then looked around and politely asked a woman to please make room for this lady. She argued the point and said there is no room. The driver ( very patiently) said you must move over and make room. A bit more arguing and she removed a few bags ( that should have gone with the luggage) and moved over. The driver said “ it will only be for 20 minutes”. Some people!

At the airport we figured out about bag tagging and checking in. But we weren’t sure where to go. There was a very long line of people, but the Aegean lady took us over and ushered us in front to go through. Whereby, another traveller of un named country told J he was pushing in and to get to the back of the line. J tapped his bag tag and stood his ground. A bit more whinging. C was ready to go back, but J said that we had been directed to go here. So we all went through and the whingers started on the staff! A little bit later we noticed that there was a man on duty and he directed traffic firmly.

A bit after the appointed time, we boarded the bus to take us to the plane. Many passengers had their carry on checked and tagged, and these bags were going in the cargo space. When we got on, a young woman of in named country attempted to stuff a huge hard shell case into the overhead locker. Of course it wouldn’t fit. So then she stuffed it under the seat as far as it would go, but it was so big it must have taken half the leg room of the passenger beside her - she didn’t complain, but J would have. So as you can see, there are plenty of idiots that travel!

We had a good flight although C was a bit apprehensive due to the high winds. We were soon over the Adriatic and after a roll, some biscuits and a drink, we were south of Sicily and could see Mt Etna in the distance. Then the descent and we were in Malta.

We oiled immediately see the British influences. Through baggage collection (they were there - phew! If not I would have spent a night on my own!) however no taxi driver holding a paper with our names. We waited and gradually the crowds thinned and still no driver. J managed to call the owner and they promised to sort it out. A few minutes later they called back and said to wait at WHSmith - 10 mins later an our driver arrived. He was from North London.

The owner greeted us and gave us a 30 minute tour of the apartment and all about everything g around it. Our ears were ringing! But it’s a very nice apartment, and in a great location in the old town.

We went for a short walk, picked up essential groceries, and had tea in the food hall in Merchants St. J and C both had a large plate of mixed salads- very tasty, good for them , and (Again) , no meat! Slowly back to the apartment with some photo stops. There was a singer (busker?) singing Every breath you take - quite well. J observed that many singers deliver it in a real love song manner, when in fact it’s a song about stalking!

A cup of tea, reset our watches ( got an extra hour today!), and time for bed! I think J and C will be busy here - so many things to do. Plus there will be plenty of exercise in the apartment as it is about a 100 m walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and back!

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