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Cardinal at the feeder

Cold nose?

The rig washing guys got here at 10am, started laying out hoses, found out they had a bad secondary battery (for the washer?), packed up the hoses and left by 10:20. They came back about an hour later and did the job. Meanwhile, we still hadn't heard or seen the propane guy. We went back to the campground office and luckily found the manager there. She called the company while we were there, and basically ordered them to get their butts over here and fill our tank. A couple hours later, our tank was filled. Finally! By then it was mid-afternoon. We went into town for misc. stuff and groceries, and got back to find a growing puddle on the kitchen counter. The wash re-awoke our infamous kitchen cupboard leak! It's been over 5 hours since the washers left, and it is still drip, drip, dripping. The joys of rv-ing! Today remained chilly, cloudy and in the low 40's. It's warmer in Denver than here! We are finally going to be in the 60's starting Saturday and going into most of next week. I am so-o-o ready!

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