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Glen, Nancy, Don at first suspension bridge

Don on the bridge


View from the rock climb

The bridge

The rocks

Today we went with Glen and Nancy to Fall Creek Falls State Park. Glen drove so Don was able to admire the countryside without giving me heart failure. The trip took a little less than 45 minutes to get there from our campground. The first stop of course was the nature center for a trail map and information. We were advised to take the upper loop trail so we could see several of the falls. This trail started just outside of the nature center with the first of the falls. It was not very high, but very pretty nevertheless. After taking some pictures we started on the trail, over the stream by way of a suspension bridge. Don guestimated that it was about 50 yards long and 20 feet or so high. With a huge leap of faith, I made it across, even taking a few pics on the way!

And we were off. Nancy was in charge of the trail guide as we wound our way through the forest. It was beautiful with the colored leaves and several different viewpoints. I will say that the trails were not well marked; well they were marked with colorcoded markers but there was no key in the brochure to tell us where we were. With that said, we only made a couple of errors resulting in a bit of back tracking. One observation point required that we climb down a 10-12 foot high rock outcropping. With Glen's help and much advice from anyone who happened to be around, we all made it down. For as much work as it was to get to the view area I was expecting more than just a pretty view. I wanted something really spectacular since I knew we would have to climb back up the rocks to get back on the trail. That was a little more tricky. Glen was the tallest so we sent him up first as the first ledge was over waist high. Then Nancy, me and Don. I think it was hardest for Don since he did not have anyone to push from behind, just Glen pulling from above. Not good on old knees, but we all made it to the top unscathed. Then on to the end of the trail, which was supposed to be a circle but for some reason was not. So we went back another 1/2 mile where we had to cross the suspension bridge AGAIN! to get back to the car. It was fair to say that we were all beat for the ride home. In fact, I spent most of that time wondering how I would have the energy to get from the car to the trailer when we did get back!

We ended our day with a campfire and a drink, and many happy memories and pictures of our day.

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