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The drive back here from Miami found us on the tollway. To save time we stopped at an oasis and ate at Denny's. Big mistake. By the time we got home I found myself with something akin to Norwalk Virus - a mild fever and lots of digestive distress. Ken followed my reaction a few hours later. Ironic since our Cuba guides were always cautioning us about being careful about what we ate. So we didn't get sick until we were back in the hygienic USA.

We had no time to be sick, because it was time to install the new washing machine that we bought on Valentine's Day. We were pleased that Home Depot had shipped it to the installer, but much less pleased to see that it took them two hours before they even started the job. RV repairs and installations always make me crazy. We had been concerned that the washer we purchased was slightly too big to make it down the hall, although we knew there was plenty of space in its ultimate destination. We had to buy it sight unseen so fingers crossed, we placed the order. When the installer phoned to give us the bad news we were disappointed, but not surprised. The installer took pity on us and loaned us his truck so we could return the washer, saving the $55 pick up fee, but incurring the 15% restocking fee nevertheless. An expensive error. So now we have ordered a different machine, a brand we had in our old rig that I didn't like all that much, but one that we are sure will fit. It will be installed next Tuesday, two days before we start for home. By the time we use it again, it will be out of warranty, but getting similar work done at home involved much more time and travel. The repair facility here at TGO is very convenient.

On a brighter note, we were happy to see that our baby owl is still around, although it learned to fly in our absence. It still has a layer of down mixed in with feathers and has not learned how to hunt yet. Mom never brings dinner to it directly, but sits alluringly on a distant branch and it has to fly to its supper. A steady stream of campers still stop by to see it ever day. They will have a better view once we leave next week.

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