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Early morning in Wisconsin

I know where your Christmas Tree will be coming from this year!

Wisconsin Farm

A small sample of the rolling Wisconsin countryside

Familiar Sandstone

Door County Cherry Pie- somewhere under all the ice cream and cream!!!

Kozy KOA Kampground Kabin

The day started out beautifully!! The fun part about riding bicycles is you just never know what you are going to come across in the course of a day!!

The sky was a bit heavy with cloud and the temps were only in the low 60's but the sun was peeking through as it rose between the horizon and the clouds drifting above. With all the humidity and moisture in the air, it felt clammy and chilly but it was a still, fresh morning after the rain of yesterday. We ventured off Hwy 12 today in favor of the back roads. As we rode along peacefully, I was thinking about how ievel the roads had been so far in Wisconsin. Knowing that they can roll up and down forever, we really have been very lucky! Hwy 12 seemed to be a good road to follow, it is on the same route as the railway and takes us in the direction we want to go on one road so we do not have to try and follow a hundred different county roads! Most of the time the surface has been smooth, but when it isn't, it's awful!!

Ups and downs on our chosen path this morning and we were missing our smooth Hwy 12, but still it wasn't too bad. Until . . . . We saw it!! It looked short but we knew it was going to be tough. It pains me to admit it, especially after the 6 passes of Washington and the thrill of cresting The Going to The Sun Road and Logan Pass!!!

We had to get off and push our bikes up the hill!! And we could barely do that!! There is only one other time I have EVER had to say that!! Coming from my mountain biking years in Colorado at 10,000 ft, I had just arrived in Illinois, Mike and I were out riding and I had to get off and walk up a hill in Illinois!!! What is up with THAT????

Good thing it was short!!!

We were really starting to worry about what we had gotten ourselves into now because we had 18 more miles to the next town and it felt like we were so far from anywhere, certainly we were going to be struggling for several more hours!! We crested that beast of a hill, and once we crossed the road at the top could see it went back down hill. We coasted down around the corner and then it was virtually flat all the way to Black River Falls!! what a relief!! And from Black River Falls to Tomah, it was perfect!!

When Mike and I first started our life on the road as a construction management team, Tomah was our first job. We did not set out to come to Tomah but it just worked out that the highway we were enjoying took us to Tomah. Once we got closer, we realized we were actually coming into town on a road we bicycled on while living here! Suddenly all the landmarks started becoming familiar as we recognized a lake, a town, a turnoff! It was fun! As we got into town, the giant billboard reminded us of one of the restaurants we often stopped for lunch taking a break from the project site and the restaurant reminded us of the most delicious Door County Cherry Pie that we ate there every chance we got!! Needless to say, we made a quick stop for some pie as we passed thru!!

Maybe not the most exciting day, but it was a really good day!

Rain is out there, so humid, sticky and muggy . . .we are in a lovely KOA campground in Oakdale, a sweet little cabin just in case the rain comes and we are ready to turn in.

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