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Memorial at Fort Donaldson


Bumpus Mills is a small town on the east shore of Lake Barkley, which is part of the "Land Between the Lakes". Half is in Kentucky and half is in Tennessee. We stayed at an Army Corps of Engineers campground which was located right on the shore of the lake. That was the good news! The bad news was that it rained most of the three days we were there. Lots of mosquitos and chiggers. Ykkk!

We did make a trip to Fort Donaldson which is located on the southern tip of Lake Barkley which feeds into the Tennessee River. This Fort was built to protect supply lines of the Confederacy going north. It was attacked on Feb 13 1862 by Grant with ironclad gunboats coming up the river. They had to go through a narrow channel 1 1/2 miles from the fort and the Confederates picked them off one by one. Grant was devastated. This was a major victory for the South. Everything was going really well and then there was a mix-up in orders Fort Henry, and instead of holding their position, a General Pillow ordered the soldiers to fall back. General Grant could not believe what was happening, but immediately took advantage of the situation and captured the fort. The Union army took control of the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers and subsequently Nashville.

If you are interested this is a good link

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