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One of the factors that drew us to purchase a site in The Great Outdoors was the people we've met here. They were our kind of people - well traveled, open minded, talking about ideas rather than people we will never meet, enjoying retirement despite the aches and pains that aging brings. But when we pulled into our site, I walked along the side of the motor home to open the compartment that contains the electric cord to plug us in and was attacked by a dog on the next site. I figured he was on a leash as is required here, but he just kept coming and coming and coming. I raised my arms and he took a bite out of my T-shirt. His owner was nearby and apologized profusely, saying he had never done this before. He was on a leash that pulls out of a container and its length was longer than she thought. They were renters and pulled out in a few days. No harm done.

Because so many sites are rented here, it's hard to distinguish the owners from the renters. Whenever I saw the woman next door on the other side of us I gave her a friendly smile and got no reaction. Finally the husband noticed us and came over to say hello. He was quite nice and considerably younger than we are. In the quick intros he indicated that he was still working in Minneapolis and his wife was from Wisconsin. It didn't make sense to me, but OK. He called her over to say hi and she waved her Greenback Packers cup in our faces. We talked about our recent tour to Lambeau Field and how impressed we were. In return she talked about how much people in Wisconsin dislike drivers from Illinois and call us FID's - F***ing Illinois Drivers - not the first thing I would say to someone within five minutes of meeting them.

We don't play to return here for two years. Hoping they've moved on by then....

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