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Wall, SD - Sleepy Hollow Campground - site B20a

Wall, SD - Sleepy Hollow Campground - site B20a, another view

Wall, SD - Sleepy Hollow Campground - site B20a, and another

Mitchell to Wall, SD 0 - our route - 223 miles

Mitchell to Wall, SD 1 - Not much traffic today either -...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 2 - Well, we're doing about three fourths...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 3 - lots of hay in the fields

Mitchell to Wall, SD 4 - the railroad crossing the MIssouri River

Mitchell to Wall, SD 5 - our crossing of the Missouri River

Mitchell to Wall, SD - just before most entrances they have these...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 7 - lots of these signs on the...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 8 - Beef, that's what's for dinner!

Mitchell to Wall, SD 9 - we have transitioned from farms to...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 10 - the inevitable construction

Mitchell to Wall, SD 11- we will be on mountain time from...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 12 - getting close - we've killed a...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 13 - part of Badlands National Park as...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 14 - a dinosaur greets us as we...

Mitchell to Wall, SD 15 - the first rental RV we've seen...

Minuteman 1 - the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site Visitor Center Center

Minuteman 2 - the gravel road to the Delta-09 missile launch facility

Minuteman 3 - the top of the underground missile silo

Minuteman 4 - what a missile would look like waiting to be...

Minuteman 5 - the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility about seven miles from...

Badlands 1 - entering Badlands National Park

Badlands 2 - some of the formations in the distance

Badlands 3 - you can see the wall separating lower and upper...

Badlands 4

Badlands 5

Badlands 6

Badlands 7

Badlands 8

Badlands 9

Badlands 10 - didn't see any!

Badlands 11 - an alligator fossil - there was once a swamp...

Badlands 12

Badlands 13

Badlands 14 - explaining the different layers

Badlands 15

Badlands 16 - there were lots of prairie dogs

Badlands 176 - never far from their holes

Badlands 18

Badlands 19 - also saw some Big Horn Sheep

Badlands 20

Badlands 21 - one blocked our way

Badlands 22

Badlands 23

Badlands 24 - some of the mounds were yellow

It was 223 miles from Mitchell to Wall, SD, all of it over I-90, heading due west 99% of the time. There was a very stiff southern wind the whole trip which made the journey more difficult than normal. Even though the Mothership weighs about 32,000 pounds, the wind still tries to move her around a good bit. The steering wheel was cocked about 30 degrees to the left the entire trip. We have also started the long ascent to the continental divide, this trip changing elevation by almost 1,500 feet. From St. Louis to Mitchell we had gone up almost a 1,000 feet. Our gas mileage reflects the climb with us averaging a little less than 7 MPG since St. Louis.

We are staying at Sleepy Hollow RV Park & Campground in Wall and have a 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through site with free WiFi (pretty good right now but very few people here), good satellite and Verizon reception. As we got here, the wind was blowing steadily with 30 MPH gusts and that never makes for fun camping but it will pass. Winds and the plains kind of go together.

Friday we did our touring. First was a stop at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. Just in this small area in western South Dakota, there was once 150 Minutemen II missiles on the Launchpad ready to be fired at a moments notice as a deterrent to the USSR during the height of the cold war. There was one Control Facility for 10 missile sites. There were a total of 450 armed nuclear missile sites on the northern plains of this country. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) signed on July 31, 1991, led to the decommissioning of all of them. One missile site and one control facility was kept as this National Historic Site.

Next we went into Badlands National Park. Before touring this park we never knew how Wall, SD got its name. In the park there is a lower plain formed by the White River and then an upper plain separated from the lower plain by the rock wall of formations in the park. This wall is constantly being eaten away and retreating North. It was a nice tour and we were able to walk a some short trails which felt good to get back in the saddle. We have missed walking our trails! We included a couple of pictures of some prairie dogs as their towns are located in several places within the park. We also saw some Big Horned Sheep as well.

Saturday, we went to the famous Wall Drug. It hasn't changed much from our previous visits though it did seem a little cleaner than in the past - maybe because the season is not in full swing yet. Sunday was spent relaxing and taking care of some things on the Mothership. Hopefully we find someplace we can wash her soon - she really needs it!

Tomorrow, we head for six nights in Custer State Park, one of our favorite places to visit.

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