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Cemetery With RAF Grave & Attendant

Barren Coastline

Wild & Rocky

Lovely sunny start to the day & it was light about 7am so we sped off on Doris to check out the town. Nothing very exciting except there is a large castle structure at the Southern end on the cliff top. We did have an interesting experience whilst tracking down one geocache. The coordinates for the GPS took us to a small cemetery in town & we were a bit concerned about hunting around amongst the gravestones for the cache as there was a guy there who we took to be the caretaker or grave digger(there were two freshly dug graves in evidence). We needn't have worried because when he spotted us he came over & asked if we were English. When we said yes he took us straight over to a British wartime grave where two RAF airmen were buried. Apparently back in 1943 a stricken Catalina flying boat had just missed crashing on the town & then exploded just off the cliff killing all the crew. One of the crew was found still strapped in his seat on the rocks below the cliff & a second body was washed ashore a few days later. The rest of the crew were never found & the two bodies were buried in the grave yard.

Whilst we were checking out the grave the caretaker guy actually showed us the cache which was inside one of the flower vases on the grave. He was obviously used to having people come looking round his little cemetery for this geocache. He didn't speak any English but happily indicated where in the town area there were other caches.

We had coffee & buns before leaving the camp site to head North towards Lisbon. We stopped at a camp site a couple of miles North of a town called Vila Nova de Milfontes down on the coast. And what a coast it was, very spectacular cliffs again with the sea pounding away at them. We nearly didn't see them as it was raining when we arrived & by the time we had our lunch it was about 3pm but it did brighten up so we decided to take a look at the beach which was about half a mile away from the site. So pleased we did because it was well worth the walk to see the cliffs. There was a good old breeze blowing so the waves were really crashing into the cliffs.

Mileage to date - 2616

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