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Carpes at FMCA's Campground

Downtown Dayton from I 75

If this is Oz, where is Dorothy
Whimsical advert along I 75 in...

Construction along OH 32 in Cincinnati

FMCA's Campground is on Round Bottom Road

FMCA Campground

EnterTrainMent Junction in West Chester

View of EnterTrainMent Junction's extensive G gauge layout

View of EnterTrainMent Junction's extensive G gauge layout

View of EnterTrainMent Junction's extensive G gauge layout

View of EnterTrainMent Junction's extensive G gauge layout

Authentic maintenance yard includes an operating turntable

Operating G gauge steam locomotive

And, for rail fans of all ages, Thomas the Tank Engine

Tue, 24 Jun: Settling in for a spell...

This morning was an "up early" day. We did not set an alarm, but as soon as Sandi awoke and noted daylite around the shades she arose and Bob was right with her. We wanted to get an early start so we went about our morning chores with a degree of alacrity and rolled wheels half past eight.

The reasons for the early start were twofold: First, we were parked in a low area of grass. The recent rains had left the area a bit soggy and we were concerned about getting stuck. Fortunately, by backing out down a slight rise Bob was able to maneuver Carpe onto a nearby gravel road with nary a hint of trouble.

The second reason for our haste was that we hoped to get a space at the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) member campground in Cincinnati. They do not take reservations and it is strictly on a first-come basis. We've learned that in situations such as this, early is better.

As stated, Bob rolled wheels about half past eight and drove west on US 36 to I 75 which he took south thru Dayton. Rush hour had passed when we got there, but "idiot hour" was still in full swing. There are way too many kamekazi drivers out there who insist on cutting off a 34,000 lb. vehicle doing 55 mph. Bob got a real workout (as did his vocabulary).

Smooth sailing once south of Dayton and before too long we transitioned to I 275 to loop around Cincinnati. Near Newtown we exited the Interstate and headed west on OH 32 a few miles to the FMCA Campground.

Upon arrival at half past ten we found numerous available sites and picked one on a corner with a good view of the sky for satellite coverage and maximum solar panel efficiency. We disconnected the car, backed the coach in place, and in short order were "at home".

We plan to remain here until 03 July when we'll put Carpe Diem in storage and drive Carpe Dinkum to New Jersey. This is in preparation for a 35-day cruise we'll be taking out of Boston on 12 July.

Meanwhile, we plan to enjoy a nice campground in a major metro area. We have several friends in the area with whom we hope to visit. Updates during the next ten days should be forthcoming so, as we say, Stay Tuned!

Sat, 28 Jun: Happy 65th Birthday to our "baby" Sister Nancy! May you be blessed with good health, loving family, and fulfilling days...

Today we got railroaded! And, even more important, we got to spend some quality time visiting with good friends who drove down from Columbus to get together.

Railroaded in a not so small way, 1/24th in fact. We had a wonderful morning visiting EnterTrainMent Junction in West Chester, OH. We had never heard of it until we agreed to meet long time friends Kevin & Barb Wholever there to sightsee and visit. Kevin is an avid model rail fan and this is a Mecca for rail fans. We enjoyed visiting the displays almost as much as we enjoyed visiting with Kevin & Barb. We managed to get some fairly good pix, which are displayed in the photo section.

We wandered around the inside and outside displays until our feet cried "enough!" We adjourned to a nearby O'Charley's Pub for a belated lunch. We have never eaten at an O'Charley's and the food was excellent. We both had the Chicken Fried Steak and it was prepared just as we prefer it, nice and crunchy.

We returned to the coach late afternoon and are enjoying the air conditioned relief from the heat and humidity. We think we'll stay at home for a bit.

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