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Starter fruit course with macadamia nut bread

My plate full

My plate after

Dinner time entertainment

Singer accompanied by nose flute doing traditional Hawaiian songs


On Friday night, after our trip to Kalaupapa we went to a laua hosted by the Molokai Museum. Actually it was a paina, which is more private and intimate than a laua. Although there could be over 100 people invited, a paina is more family based. A paina is always held for a baby's first birthday. One could also be held for a graduation, an 80th birthday, engagement or any milestone the family wishes to celebrate.

At our paina we were offered:

Various fresh fruits in a papaya and mango macadamia nut bread as a starter - very good!

On my plate (top row)

Koele Palau (purple sweet potato) Yummy!

Poi (mashed cooked taro root) looks, smells and tastes like purple paste - YUK!!!

Imu Kalua Puaa (roasted pig - otherwise known as smoked pork)good but rather too smoked for my tastes

(second row)

Octopus cucumber salad - Yuk! Too chewy.

Cooked taro root (see purple triangle on plate) pretty good - is slightly sweet

Imitation crab in a spicy tomato based sauce - OK

Macaroni salad (go figure but had something fishy in it) - not too bad

Squid Luau (green mushed stuff on plate - made with squid and taro leaves) I thought it was horrible but the people who thought it was spinach loved it so maybe its all in the head not the tongue

(third row)

Seaweed in sesame oil - I've had that before and liked this better than previously

Pickled seaweed and pickled maui onions - OK

Lomi Salmon (salsa with cured salmon chopped into it) - this I loved! I'll try this at home!

Chinese Rice Noodles with Chicken - I've had this before and liked it - this I didn't maybe partly because it was not hot enough and partly because it had mushrooms

Not shown - on offer but I didn't try:

Ahi Poke w/Limu (I won't eat raw tuna)

Rice (I am riced out)

For dessert (not shown):

Coconut Cake - very good

Coconut Mochi - made with sushi rice - very sticky - I didn't like the consistency

The food was definitely interesting but the best part was the entertainment. There were two men, one playing a ukulele and the other a guitar, playing Hawaiian music. Then a woman sang some traditional Hawaiian songs and some chants and did the hula and sang. One of the men accompanied her with a nose flute.

After we had all finished dinner one of the men lead us in some traditional games. One was a game that reminded me of the Chicken Dance. He told us to do exactly what he told us to do and he told us to: tuck in your elbows, bend your knees, put your legs together, stuck out your butt, stuck out your chest, lift your chin and stuck out your tongue to a song they played, each time adding one thing until you were doing all those things at the same time. We looked pretty silly. Then they played a song and each table was to sing a nursery rhyme to that tune. I couldn't convince the women at my table "row, row, row your boat" was NOT a nursery rhyme (it really was the only thing we could think of) and when we started singing it the entire room started laughing at us but we were laughing at ourselves so hard we couldn't sing it anyway.

The gift shop was open in support of the Museum before and after dinner. They carried mostly hand made items but also some books. Most of us bought at least something there in appreciation of their hospitality.

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