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Tammy's new apartment building.

Joan's sister, Tammy!

Love ya, Sis!

Dave and Tam!

Yes, smile on Sis!

Say what? P o _ _?

Whose's in the window?

Good times!


Steaks, umm!

The Tong Man!

Gotcha! Cheers!

The CORN and of course the BEER!

Let's eat!

No Internet here along with very poor phone service!

Oh no, I just remembered the banana ice cream that we were supposed to have Nicki! Darn, we were so looking forward to having some! Please send us the recipe...and we know you'll enjoy!

Another chilly night with lows in the 50's. What a beautiful morning though in the 70's!

We slept in to catch up on some much needed rest. Bev and Hugh brought over breakfast of TIM HORTON'S coffee (we were out and in dire need of that cup of Joe :), english muffins, along PB and jam. We supplied the toaster!

They mentioned that they had a very springy night. The bed they slept on had a boxed spring but no mattress! Ouch!

Tammy came over a little later so we talked for awhile. Then we all went over to see her new home. It's really nice Sis! Tammy had to go to work :(. Bye Sis we'll see you again really soon. Love you!

Dave and I went with Bev and Hugh to pick up some things we needed at the local Walmart. We knew that we were out in the boonies at the time but over fifty miles later we finally arrived! We shopped and had some lunch at Subway.

We returned to the campground when Greg phoned to say he was on the way with the steaks and firewood. He also brought corn on the cob and butter. He showed us how to roast corn on the grilled without the husks. You all already know how much we LOVE corn on the cob! It was absolutely delicious! The flavor was between candy and caramel corn! Bev and Hugh brought a caramel apple pie for desert...umm so good.

While the guys were cooking dinner you'll never guess who called! Hi Denton and Shirley! The phone kept going in and out but they did tell us that they had just gotten back from visiting Forest and Rita! How nice! Hi Guys!

What a great evening with friends!

Greg had to leave but he said that he and Luanne would see us in Riviera this winter. We're going to hold him to it too! Thank you for everything and see you soon!

Shortly after we all were off to never, never land but before you had to picture this...

Hugh carrying his mattress (our sofa sat a little flat now). We think that they had a much better nights sleep? They aren't telling...

Another cold night...heat on please!

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