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The boat ramp looking from the river. Our rig is on the...

A picture I got at sunrise - I call it "Goin' Fishin'"

Another sunrise picture. It is really nice before the wind picks up.

This is the riprap. Rocks dumped on the bank to keep the...

This is after we came back from the ER. We were there...

Thursday: Friday: Saturday: These were pretty routine days. We watched boats launch, watched them come in and Ron even went over to the fish cleaning station to see what they caught.

It was windy and hot. Ran the AC in the afternoon and took a nap in the cool bedroom.

Then came SUNDAY!!

For once the wind wasn't blowing. So early in the morning, Ron decided to go fishing. There is a point across from us and he had talked to a lot of people who had been fishing from the bank there. They were catching their limit of walleyes and even some catfish.

There is a band of riprap along the point to keep the water from washing it away. But at the bottom is a 2 – 3 foot strip of sand to fish from. The riprap is made up of sharp, SD pink granite and is sometimes unstable. I think you can see where I'm going.

Ron drove over to the point and carefully made his way down the rocks. One of them turned on him and he went down. He cut his left arm pretty bad, skinned the back of both hands, hit is face, knee and chest on the rocks. He picked up his stuff (but had lost his hat) ane drove home. About the time he got home it started to bleed.

I got ready and as I saw the camp host drive by, I waved him down. I didn't know if there was an urgent care in Fort Thompson or if I would have to go to Chamberlain. He said there was a clinic in Ft. Thompson so we headed there. Only problem was that it was an Indian clinic and closed on weekends. I then flagged down a lady and she said, “Follow me” and took me to the firehouse.

Keith, the paramedic, was great. He did a quick triage and then bandaged his arm and hands so he wasn't bleeding all over the pickup. He also called ahead to the hospital and gave me directions to find it.

The ER had been very busy all night as they had sent 3 off to life flight. But they were quick and efficient. They assessed Ron's arm and decided to call in the general surgeon on call as it was beyond a few quick stitches. They also called in a surgical nurse that was working OB/GYN that day to assist.

They took xrays and prepped him for stitches. The surgeon was wonderful and took lots of time to make sure his arm was numbed and cleaned. It took about 50 stitches/staples to close all his wounds. He will have a scar, but it could have been so much worse.

I keep having nightmares of him falling and breaking bones, or hitting his head, or what ever. He could have lain there for a long time as I couldn't see him. But God smiled once again and he is stiff and sore, but will heal and didn't get terribly hurt. PTL!!

Oh! another good thing. As we were waiting for x-ray, one of the nurses came in with a menu. She told us how to call the kitchen and said we could have anything on the menu delivered. Right then a sandwich and glass of milk sounded very good (I hadn't had breakfast yet). When I asked how I could pay for it – meaning cash or credit card – they told me there was no charge. How about them apples?? Pretty good, I think.

So that was our Sunday adventure. We go back to the surgeon on Tuesday to get everything checked out and then the next Tuesday to get the staples out. You gotta love small town clinics.

Oh, the camp host was waiting for us and came to check and he came over again this morning. That makes us feel good, too.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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