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Today's route

Farewell to JFK, Ronald Regan & George W Bush

Love these So Dakota Plains

What, a pile instead of bales

Baling Machine

River in the desert

Oops, I missed the Wyoming State border sign

One of many buttes

Sunflowers all around

Coming up on a Teardrop Trailer

Pulled by a Surf Woody

More buttes

They need snow fences here because the winds blows across the plains

Sandstone formations

More sandstone formations

The small town of Lusk, WY

They like their Western themes

Panoramic view of the buttes

Self explanatory.....

Passing one of many coal trains

Giant Jackalope

Crossing the North Platte River, of Oregon Trail fame

And now a Triceratops, in Glenrock, WY

Oh, that's why the triceratops was out there

Casper city limits, oil drilling monument

And of course, an oil drill

First drilled in 1884

Historic site, "Big Muddy Oil Field" 1916

Strange rock formations

Oh Oh . . . .

Just a little road work, wasn't too bad

Cute, would like to stop here some other time


Boysen Reservior

This is a new shape and size of a bale

Colorful layers ahead

Climbing in altitude

Starting to see more colors

Pilot Butte Reservoir

Pilot Butte

Coming into the mountains of western WY

Getting more colorful here

Absaroka Range, gorgeous.

Lava Mountain Lodge, Dubois WY

Friendly folk

Can we take this with us?

We are headed west to stay with Cheryl’s brother in Hailey, Idaho and help out after his bilateral knee replacement. We drove south & west towards Jackson, WY., not sure where we will stop for the night.

The scenery was again amazing, rolling hills and interesting rock formations. We got to watch a baling machine gather and make bales of hay. Looking over some desert landscape full of sage brush, we could see where a river was running through because of the tree line.

I missed getting a photo of the Wyoming State line, oops! We enjoyed the profusion of sunflowers along the highway, and passed an old Woody (with surfboards on top) pulling a small teardrop trailer. The car’s side windows were covered with stickers of all the places he has traveled. I bet he’s got some stories to tell.

We passed through some adorable western towns, followed along some curious looking Buttes, past the tiny community of Lost Springs (Pop 4), passed along the side of traveling coal trains, saw a Jackalope on the hill, crossed the North Platte River (of Oregon Trail fame), saw a Triceratops in a field of flowers and finally reached Casper, WY. where we took a break for lunch and got fuel.

Again, we are reminded that Wyoming is the Energy Capital with all the oil pumps in the fields and a historical marker along the highway telling of the "Big Muddy Oil Field" of 1916. We also learned that the first oil wells were drilled in Wyoming in 1884.

As we were driving through mountains east of the Tetons, the absolutely gorgeous colorful Absaroka Mountains, we decided to stop in Dubois, WY., the backyard to Yellowstone. It was a small camp with NO CELL PHONE coverage except one corner spot on the deck of café. We set up and had dinner & drinks in café and retired early as we were exhausted from the altitude, which was about 7,000’.

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