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Palmerston water park - yeehaa!

Some cute critters

Pip & Lara hanging out

The handsome couple and our kind hosts - Kerri & Richard


We thought we'd be in Darwin three or four days, but we spent a week instead. Apart from housing our lovely friends, the city offers a surprising array of things to do. It also has a really good vibe. There are lots of shops, big wide roads, beautiful beaches and sunsets, and free water parks. Yes, FREE!! Not the crusty old public pools that you might expect, but extensive, clean and super fun places minus big crowds (at the moment). The reason there are not many people swimming is because it's winter. Here we are sweltering in perfectly hot and humid Brisbane summer weather, yet locals won't hop in! This has made me wonder if there is something in the drinking water affecting residents? Or perhaps the heat has gone to their heads...

After settling in at kerri and richard's and doing a few repairs to Old Bess, we zipped off to nearby Palmerston Water Park to hang out with Lara and her family. I love seeing the kids and their old friends reunite and quickly get into playing and silliness as per usual. Great to catch up with Danielle too and hear all about their lives here in Darwin.

Until actually being in this city, I couldn't really imagine it apart from rain, heat and isolation. There is that, but much more. I think Darwinians sort of enjoy the fact that they are part of a unique group of people that can survive the extreme weather and thus get to soak up all that is on offer. Things happen at a more laid back pace too. Again, the heat? I know I can hardly speed up in it! There is a saying here that the state of NT stands for Not Today, Not Tomorrow. Things happen real slowwwwww and a little different in many ways so you've got to remember T.I.D. (This Is Darwin) if, for example, a shop is closed, when it is advertised as open, because the owners have decided to go fishing for the day!

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