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Turn back now if you don't want to be bored. Today my sick hubby slept 6 hours while I made chop suey in the crock pot, did some laundry, and worked on my scrapbook.

I killed three random ants and each one made me think "they are not alone."Thus began the great ant safari, are they in the cupboards? Under the sink? No luck ! Finally sleeping beauty emerged and I went to make the rice and there they were coming up from the stove.......ANTS! We have spray that they use in restaurants safe for the kitchen . I sprayed under the slide out and the edge between the counter and the stove. How can we have ants when camped on an ten acres of blacktop.

Another mystery here at the park is the "berries" falling off the few trees by the office. They look like ripe olives. Goggled them on the Internet and they look like olive trees. The help says they are not olives but berries but they don't know what kind.

Which just adds to the mystery of how some of the personnel came to work here. They placed us in the area which is normally used for storage and the help. The employee at the end of our row has an older 5th wheel with camouflage netting over it. The one across the street from us has a small class C with a collection of 11 bikes all left here by campers most in too bad a shape to ride. Both are single, shocker,and retired from the service. They like it here because there's hardly any grass to mow and they hide out of view of the office. There are 6 couples who also work here and most of the women work in the office. From a weeks observation I have concluded they are not fond of tourists. They have nothing to do with the laundry room, don't make change, can't say anything to a camper who leaves their barking dog for 24 hours in a motor home, won 't or can't give any directions, and have no idea how to change buses. It turns out they are just the winter help. After an additional three weeks I will know their grandchildren's names.

Tomorrow is the free magic comedy show.

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