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Our campsite at the Battle of Cedar Creek Campground

Idyllic creek scene

This house is made completely of brick...both inside walls and outside walls.

Strasburg Christian Church

An old log house

Pot Town and Civil War

Scenes from the Strasburg Museum

Do you know what the left pictures are? Do you remember these...

Strasburg Emporium

Inside (just a very small section)


Drove out of Dixie Caverns at 9:45 a.m. headed for our next stop in Middletown, Virginia.

The driving is easy today because of the cool, overcast weather. Today was a 168-mile day and it was again, all I-81.

Pulled into the Battle of Cedar Creek RV Park at 12:38. This park is sort of situated on the side of a hill so our campsite was rather unlevel rear to front and it took quite a lot of orange blocks to get the front up level with the rear. And just as we pulled into the site, deep rumbles of thunder could be heard in the distance. Luckily we were all set up and snugly inside before the clouds opened and it poured. Taco has found a new hiding place where he goes during thunderstorms...Nellie’s kitty litter box. Her box is under the desk (which I can’t use ‘cause Sam’s cage is on top of it) and we have a curtain across the front so you can’t see it. Anyway, Taco goes in there and sits and shakes. Funny dog. I think that’s why he loves it out west, thunderstorms. With the jets going overhead every day in Las Vegas, I sort of thought he might outgrow the fear of noise but I guess not. Or else he knows the difference between a loud jet and thunder.


Bob took a very early morning walkabout through the battlegrounds and along Cedar Creek, taking lots of pictures. This afternoon we went in search of a geocache so I could leave the D.C.-bound travel bug I’ve had since we were in Las Vegas. After we found that, off we went into Strasburg. I had a very long 11-part geocache to search for and, since Bob’s foot was bothering him, I left him off at the main intersection of this very quaint, non-commercial but very old historic Civil War town so he could do his thing, too. He visited the Strasburg Emporium which was a huge building filled to the rafters (well, almost) with everything under the sun. It's sort of a "If we don't have it here, you don't need it" place. Lots of old historical items, too.

It took me about 2 hours to complete the geocache and then I met him at the Strasburg Museum. I didn’t go into the museum but he did and said it was fantastic. He’s more of a historic/ museum buff than I am but even I learned some history of the town during the geo-search since each of the 11 stops was a historical marker telling me what that particular area was about.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Gettysburg and the Artillery Ridge RV Park.

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