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So I just want to defend myself here. The main reason I am Rome is to have the experience of a lifetime. The second reason is to make friends, learn about a culture, sight-see and Travel. The third reason why Im here is to get credits so I can graduate and the last reason why I am here is to study.

That being said, I did not expect to be bogged down with so much homework that it impeeds upon my sight-seeing and traveling. On the weekends I have been enjoying trips to various places and on my days back home I would love to walk aroud Rome and see the things that it has to offer. Instead I sit in front of my computer writing papers, researching and doing projects. Qustion for you, does this sound fair? The answer is no. I honestly wouldnt mind being responsible for studying things or doing sall papers and research. I mean that is obviously necessary and expected. But for one class for one week I have to write journals (that I can do in my sleep) and include an entry about our trip to the ghetto (done!), write a topic sentence and ideas for the midterm paper, read like 80 pages, research caravaggio to talk about him on our fieldtrip and study for a quiz. That does not seem like a whole lot of work, but keep in mind that that is only ONE of my classes and most have similar weekly assignments. So THIS is why I have become the slacker kid. I only need to get C's to transfer back to my school as a "Pass" so I dont feel like I need to try super hard. This means that my teacher from Harvard thinks I dont care and am a complete slacker, which is not true in anyway. I just choose to travel instead of doing amazin on all of my assignments. So there.

Now, my last coupple days...

Monday I had class in the morning and then I stayed at school until I was dying of hunger to get some of my homework done. (Spending about two hours researching stuff for ONE class that we didn't even use...) Then I wet grocery shopping because I didnt have andy food. I was wandering about the store finding really good food that I was excited to try. I got up to the counter to pay for everything, pulled out my wallet when I realised that I had not put more money in it, so I only had about 15 Euro with me. My total came to 24 Euro so I had to find a way to explain to the guy that I didnt have enough money and that I needed him to take some stuff. He had to walk around and find someone with the "delete" card thing and then proceed to take stuff off my bill until I was able to pay. Totally embarassing.

But when I got home I was able to make myself some cheese filled tortilini's with cheese pasta sause, peas and parm! (Notice the excessive amounts of CHEESE!) It was pretty delicious and only one casualty in the process of making it. I was heating up my peas and neglected to take into account that the bowl would be hot and just grabbed it out of the microwave. I have a small blister on my middle finger now! But it was worth it to have a homecooked meal.

Monday night I did nothing but homework and Tuesday I had to get up early to meet my Travel writing class in the Jewish Ghetto. We walked around for a bit and then had some Jewish pizza at a local bakery which was very strange. It was like a scone but with almonds, pine nuts, raisins and candied fruits. It was a little burnt (which I guess is how its served) and I couldnt decide if I liked it or not. The candied fruits werent really my favorite, making those bites a little to suggery, but the 'breading' was really good with the raisins.

After our breakfast we headed to the Jewish museum. We had a walking tour of the small museum and was able to see the spanish and great Synagogues. It was really interesting to learn about the history of Jewish life in Rome and the Great Synagogue was pretty spectacular with its square ceiling.

I had a break until my 3 o'click class so I went to school and did more homework. I ended up being at school until 8 that evening. I had travel writing in the evening and had not read all of the readings for that class (I was in PARIS for the weekend!) but the teacher kept insisting that I answer her questions. After not doing so well on the quiz, you would think that I didnt actually read the whole thing, right? I think she was just doing it to embarass me, Thanks...

After class that evening I went to watch a football (aka soccer) game with LdM. I was expecting a bar with TV's and everyone socalizing and watching the game with a drink in hand. Boy was I wrong. We showed up a bit late and walked into a place that was dark and quiet, everyone sitting facing a fuzzy big screen projected TV with no drinks in hand. Not to mention the average age was probably 75 or older. I love football but didnt want to be yelled at for socalizing so the whole first quarter I tried to get into the game but my stomach was growling and my brain was focused on the project I still had yet to start for the following day. So at half time I grabbed my free drink and joined a few other LdM-ers back to my apartment. I was up pretty late trying to make the best of my presentation, but knowing that no matter how good it looked on paper I was bound to stumble over my words and look unprepared. But I'm not here to pull all night-ers trying to get my homework perfect, so I went to bed at 2am, only to wake up for class the next day at 8...

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