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The start of the bed. It was overgrown with at least 2...

Cleaned out and ready for flowers.

A flat of celosia brings a pop of color.

Ron's Owl. It is a log in the middle of the meadow....

Isn't he beautiful?

Love this guy. Because of the window we can get within a...

Another cool shot. He also like to poo on the window.

The display unit. It was in 9 huge pieces and is 8...

We've spent a couple of days around the Raptor Center. It is a hexagon shaped building with outdoor wing housing Michigan birds. (See pictures above) The first day was a recon day. Dick showed us the pieces of the display unit that someone had donated and asked if we thought we could put it together. It was like a giant put-together-furniture piece. As we walked out of the center we remarked that it needed some flowers around it. So that is what we did the first day.

We will probably be back to the center as it is build at the bottom of a slope and the water has washed up along the walls. Several boards need to be replaced and we will do that at some point. One solution was to replace the bottom two boards with cement board and stone veneer but once I looked up prices they decided to replace the boards. They are like half round boards that make it look like a log cabin.

Mostly the pictures tell the story. A series on the new flower bed, a shot of the finished display unit and pictures of the birds.

It has been hot this week so we have been going back to the RV around 2 pm and resting. We then shower for dinner and work a bit in the veggie garden after dinner - except last night as it was raining.

Come on back on Sunday and I'll have more pictures of what we have been doing.

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