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I didn´t make it to La Paz whilst I was in Bolivia earlier in my trip and in the absence of being able to do the Inca Trail I decided to make the trip from Cusco. La Paz is a big city that is surrounded by huge mountains. One of the mountains overlooking La Paz is over 6000m high and is capped with snow. It is a bizarre yet awesome sight looking down a busy city centre street with sky rise buildings at either side, a congested road and a huge snow capped mountain at the end. However, for me that is where the charm of La Paz ends. There are old colonial buildings that are in a state of disrepair and have clearly been forgotten about. The streets are ridiculously busy, the roads ridiculously congested, and there is not really a great deal to do here. I did have really good time here though and am glad I saw what life was like in the city, but it is not somewhere I will be rushing back to.

The main reason for me coming to La Paz was to cycle down the worlds most dangerous road, often referred to as the road of death. This is a 64km stretch of road that is so titled because approximately 100 people die on the road each year. Or they did until a few years ago when a less treacherous route into La Paz was opened. The road is still open to traffic, but quite sensibly so, very few drivers travel along it now. The main traffic is now tourists on bikes. The road is a narrow dirt track cut into the mountains with sheer vertical drops and no crash barriers. It is bizarre that this was once a busy road into La Paz. And it really is no surprise that so many people died on it. Cycling down the road was absolutely awesome. I told myself that I would just take it easy as I didn´t want to be one of the two tourists who die each year whilst cycling down the road. But it was all down hill and easier to go fast, and actually just such great fun going fast! I was obviously sensible though mum and dad!

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