Weis Summer Trip West 2009 travel blog

Our sheep herder dog (Cheyenne) found this deer on a hike today...Cheyenne...

View of the Grand Canyon from the North rim...

Check out the mountains in the background. You can also see the...

We enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon from a different view. About 25 years ago Chad, Brian and Frances (David's Mom) and us made the trip out here and saw the Canyon from the South rim. What a difference...but as my Dad said, "It's a big hole in the ground!" Very true from whatever side you see it from. ( - : Our hike was good especially when Cheyenne spotted the doe along the trail. We had walked right by her laying down. When Cheyenne stopped I turned around and then saw what she was looking at. Now we have a "deer spotter" instead of a "nose butter"..BUT that is another story for another time...We pick up roots in the morning from all these National Parks and headed back east a little...Stay tuned for the next adventure!!

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