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Yum Cha Restaurant

Joined the fight for nice dumplings

delicious food displayed

goldenfish market

Ladies Market

Great view of Hong Kong City

Night View

at the park up on the hill

Downtown at night

We have finished our South East Asian journey and have now arrived to the bright lights of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is separated mainly into two parts, Hong Kong Island and mainland side (Kowloon). We stayed on Hong Kong Island at a Le Meridian property which was a bit out of the main city overlooking the bay, but Hong Kong’s public transport system was so great that we didn’t have much problem. We enjoyed utilising all sorts of transportation such as bus, train, subway and boat.

Our main objective in Hong Kong was to experience great food such as Yum Cha. Hiro researched really hard and found this great Yum Cha shop. It was very local and hard to find. We arrived at 10.30am and the restaurant was already packed with locals, and we are the only non-local customers there. Inside the restaurant was just like chaos, so loud, people shouting etc. We got a seat on a round table sharing with other people. No one spoke English there so we just followed what other people were doing. They clean their cutleries and bowl with Jasmine Tea, so we did the same. The food was really great, they brought it around on carts but sometimes the carts didn’t make it to the tables as people got up and went straight to the cart when the popular dishes came out. Once we got used to the system, we joined the fight around the cart, which was actually fun. We really enjoyed dumplings and pork bun.

After our great breakfast/lunch we headed over to Kowloon and walked around looking in all the shops and stocked up on some winter clothes as we are now heading into winter. Lexi of course loved Hong Kong shopping aka “shopper’s heaven” she bought a very nice coat and a pair of boots (she had a great excuse that we were going into very cold Beijing).

A popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong is to take a tram ride to the top of a mountain which has great views of Hong Kong. We stayed to watch the sun set over the sea and then turned and saw all the lights down below on Hong Kong city. At 8pm every night they have a light display show with beams of lights going off the city buildings, it was amazing. Walking the streets there are lots of markets, it was interesting that each street sells different stuff, there is a ladies market, gold fish market etc. We bargained down a few goodies again.

Now we got some winter clothes and are ready for -10°c Beijing!!

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