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The Pub from a distance

Sea kayackers by the jetty



Pacific oysters twice the size of the East

A submersible

Meet Amigo, octopus

One red crab at feeding time

Rogue Brewery entrance

4 oz sample serving


Small boat station and boat garages

As we sat plotting the next jaunt up highway 101, Jill(Corky's daughter) phoned. Sure, we can be there in two hours! By now, set up and break down are old hat. Off to Newport we go within 15 minutes of her call. We've saved our seafood appetite 'til arriving here. Sure 'nough Sunday breakfast filled us up with bay shrimp eggs Benedict, loggers' breakfast, whale tales breakfast. You get the idea. Downtown Newport is a working/visiting waterfront. The atmosphere was appropriate for a scenic walk. Having Miles share marine life info with us is an added bonus. Marine biology could be a professional interest for him. The Yaquina Bay area is large so the car was more appropriate for extended touring. At Nye Beach we stopped at an Irish Pub. The panko fried oysters were mouthwatering! It is hard for us to know exactly where Newport Beach and Nye Beach begin and end. Nevertheless, both areas are filled with history,coffee houses,galleries,European style bread, etc. The USCG station and commercial fishing fleet add to the bustling activity. Most enlightening was the tour of the USCG station and surf boats. The lessons learned - many rescues are the result of poor judgement due to lack of knowledge. Today(Mon) we thoroughly enjoyed the Hatfield Marine Science Center. This is run by the University of Oregon Marine Science Program. One of the many interesting features is the octopus feeding time. Another interesting feature learned is the "garbage collection site" in both the Pacific and Atlantic. Everyone of us needs to have our awareness level raised! Moving on to something less sobering-ha! We toured Rogue's Brewery including six 4oz samplings! You may join us via the photo. Incidentally, the beer is 6-12% alcohol!! Eat your heart out Canadian friends! What could be a better ending to the day than a simple but lovely meal Jill prepared. Greek pasta, salad, Rustic sourdough. As if that wasn't enough, angel food cake, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. Now, follow up with black coffee and the caloric intake completely diminishes! Thank you, Jill. While eating desert, try a wii fit game. That had us all laughing. I believe the last laugh is on us as it is more of a work out than one believes. Stay tuned for more family fun.

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