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South Carolina State House

Monument to Law Enforcement

Monument to the Confederate Soldiers

Onward to Columbia, South Carolina. We arrived at about 2:00 pm and began the proclamation on the front steps. Once again, the front entrance was taped off for some renovation work. We noticed the "open wounds" that still exist in the southern states from the Civil War. Several of the plaques described the actions of the Union troops in disparaging ways and it was easy to see from the comments that all was not forgotten nor forgiven. Much pain was displayed. The Civil war was a terrible time in our nations history with no real winners and all loosing much. Even the State House was under construction for 10 years up to the war and had to be stopped during the war. A statue of George Washington had been placed before the war started and received damage during the war by union soldiers and that damage had not been repaired even to this day. It was also interesting to note that the Confederate Flag was flying by the memorial to the Confederate Soldiers. There are many wounds here in this region.

Also of interest was a monument to The Enforcement of Law. Once again, we could see how "Law and Order" have become the gods that have replaced YHVH in our land.

We talked with Robert and Kandy Beaver back home who have been incredible with helping to keep Waterfall of Grace watered and found out that there have been some more mechanical problems back home. I told Robert he was joining me in my afflictions (mechanical), and it seems that the enemy has used this angle to try and side track us on one end or the other. It may seem that what we are doing is harmless or even a question as to any true signifigance, but I have learned over time that you can measure the importance of what you are doing in the spiritual realms by the opposition you are meeting in the physical world. We cherish your continued covering prayers.

As you may have noticed, my last posting said we were going to Nashville, but we had a course change. We are on to Atlanta, Georgia by this evening. Stay tuned.

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